16 August 2017

Runner beans make you run faster

We seem to be hitting a fair few milestones recently. Just last week my eldest son Marley finished Preschool and this September he will be starting what we refer to as ‘big school’. As a final hurrah to the Preschool days the teachers and children put on a fantastic celebration, that included singing, personal stories and a reflection on what has been a really fun, inspiring time in Marley’s life, and ours for that matter. 

It’s amazing how much a little person can develop and change in such a short space of time. When Marley started his Preschool adventure at just 3 years old we saw this as an opportunity for him to build friendships with children in our neighbourhood, learn a few things and maybe start to pick up some skills that would ease him into the world of ‘big school’. How wrong was I? Yes he has developed some great friendships, but the development and learning has been so much more than I thought and this is down to Marley’s passion to explore and get involved and most importantly the amazing drive, guidance and dedication of Marley’s Preschool teachers.

I have real admiration for the Preschool team and tried to articulate my thanks for all their hard work, dedication and support. But I found it difficult to find the exact words to describe how much this means to us and Marley. I don’t know if the teachers realise what a truly magical job they do. I wanted to get them a gift to say thank you, but a bunch of flowers and chocolates, as nice as they are, just didn’t seem to cut it. So I decided to try and write down our feelings and immense gratitude.

What Marley has learnt in the past year is not just ABC and 123, its life skills and social development, which for me is just as important, if not more so, for a little person starting their way and making their stamp in the world. It might seem like the ‘small things’ but things like trying new foods, encouraging a really good bathroom routine, learning to share, reinforcing good manners and building confidence is at the heart of building a solid foundation for the future. And the thing is all this learning and support has come with such fun, laughter and positivity.  The tale of encouraging Marley to eat his runner beans, will always make me smile.

So, Thank you for guiding and supporting our adventurous, funny little man on his first steps. 

Written by Victoria @Mama and the Dudes 


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