22 August 2017

What About Mum's Health?

Mothers devote so much time and energy to their kids that they often fail to adequately look after another important person – themselves. 

Isn’t that true? You’ve surely remembered each and every one of your children’s paediatrician appointments, but when was the last time you’ve done a regular checkup? Can’t remember? Many mothers can’t either. And while it is praiseworthy to put your children’s needs above your own, there is one thing a child needs the most, and that is a healthy mother. So give them that, and be sure to undergo each of these health checkups. 

Gynaecological and reproductive health checkup

 When was the last time you visited your GP? After the age of 30, you should do that at least once a year. There are several crucial things you should check when you go to your appointment:

        Cervical cancer screening which includes the Papa test and HPV (test for human papillomavirus), which will show if there are some changes in the cells and whether there is a need for further testing.
        Breast cancer screening or a mammogram is something you should start doing after you reach the age of 50, unless your GP tells you otherwise, but you can still have a regular breast exam to detect any lumps or other changes.

Lipid panel

This is a blood test that measures the good cholesterol (HDL) and the bad cholesterol (LDL), triglycerides, as well as any other fat in the blood. It is a test that should be done once a year, or less frequently if you are in good health. However, even if you are feeling well, it is essential to do this check up every once in awhile, because it can be crucial in preventing heart disease and strokes.

Have your vision checked

Your vision can be compromised due to aging or other factors. It is imperative to visit your eye doctor at the first sign of any changes in your vision, since early detection can improve the success of the prescribed treatment. If your eye doctor recommends you to wearglasses or contact lenses, you should start straight away to avoid further degradation of your vision. After a short period of adaptation, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing them, especially if you’ve chosen lenses over glasses. 

Blood pressure screening

 Blood pressure measuring is something that should be done at least once in two years after you turn 18. As a mother, you are exposed to a great deal of stress which can cause your pressure to become high, which is a foundation for a number of other health problems. The ideal result is less than 120/80 mmHg. Sometimes blood pressure screening isn’t covered by insurance, but due to the increased awareness of this problem, there are plenty community-organized free screenings.

Dental checkup

Good dental health is imperative for good overall health. After your baby is born, you should visit your dentist twice a year for cleanings and exams, especially because pregnancy can affect your gums and teeth. If you visit your dentist regularly, it is easier to detect early signs of decay and deal with them before they cause more damage.

Conversation about mental health 

Mental health is often positioned last on everyone’s priority list, but as a mother, you need to be aware that you are facing many stressful situations and that it shouldn’t be intimidating to talk to someone about it. The fact that depression is more common in women than men, should be an additional reason to talk to a psychologist.

A healthy mother is the best mother a child can have. So, stop your juggling for a few minutes and consider doing these checkups as soon as possible. 

Written by Brigitte Evans, writes for


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