13 September 2017

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Ellie Good, a graphic designer, illustrator, former magazine publisher and mum of two crazies, has found a way to save parents time and money on year-round special occasions. A Year of Cards was born after Ellie had kids and rapidly discovered the need for being organised when it came to birthdays and special occasions. 

“As soon as a family comes along we are all rushed for time. All too often I was thinking 'Shit! I need to get out and buy a card for this that and the other.' It was always a last minute rush to find something suitable and more often than not ended up being more expensive buying individual (and over-packaged) cards.” So she designed a set of 40 cards in pack which cover everything from Christmas to different birthdays, to good luck, house warming, cards for lovers and many more. A Year of Cards is designed for parents with babies, children and teenagers (who often nick the cards out of the box for their own use!) and each card comes in at 88p as opposed to the usual £2 or more, plus they comes in their own handy box.

Alongside the Year of Cards, Ellie sells her cards individually, and has started a range of wall art too, including a couple of whimsical prints for kids bedrooms. Ellie’s drawings are inspired by nature, colour and memories. More often than not, although her subjects are based on reality there’s something a little quirky or retro about them, giving them a heightened sense of playfulness.

All products in the range are printed on recycled card by an environmentally conscious printing company here in England. Packaging is all biodegradable; only cardboard, recycled tissue paper and corn-starch bags are used to wrap items. 

Ellie's cards and prints are available at: and for more info go to

A Year of Card packs cost £34.99 (including postage) per set of 40
The range is set to expand, so keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram @EllieGood_Illo and on for updates

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