22 September 2017

Feature: Lean Mums

Hi everyone,

Last month I talked to you about the benefits of health and fitness for mums, this time I want to take you through some really easy ways that you can clean up your diet.

And before I dive into it, these are tips that have been used successfully by loads of mums I’ve worked with. They aren’t just general tips that don’t work in the real world, these are perfect for busy mums.

First up eat some form of protein with every meal

Protein sources are things like meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt, cottage cheese, beans and pulses. We need protein to help our bodies grow and repair but it’s also very filling which means it’s a really handy way of stopping you from overeating on other stuff.

Next up eat more veg!

At the risk of sounding like YOUR mother here we know we should eat more vegetables but we are all guilty of avoiding them at times. As well as the obvious healthy goodness they provide, we can also use them as a sneaky way of keeping ourselves on track with our diets.

Hunger is one of the main reasons people fail on their diets, they cut out a load of calories and after a few days of living on fresh air they give up. Now if you pile your plate up with veggies you no longer feel like you’re living on fresh air, they take a while to eat and help you feel more full. Plus they are very low calorie, so you can eat loads without racking up the calories.

Keep your carbs for the evening

Most people like to eat more in the evening, this is often a time where people sit down as a family or with their partner. Saving your carbs for your evening meal is a great way of keeping some normality in your diet.

Simply have a lower carb breakfast like an omelette then maybe a salad for lunch and then you can include some rice or potato or something in your evening meal.

None of these changes require a rigid diet plan and hours of food prep but they are fantastic ways of cleaning up your diet. If you can put these tips in place I guarantee you’ll see a change in your body!

Good luck! 

Robbie @leanmums


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