15 September 2017

Three simple tips to make motherhood easier

Who says that there are no heroes in real life? Of course there are. To be more accurate there are heroines all over the world and those are our mothers. I didn’t really understand it before, but now when I am a mom myself, I know that being a good mother is a full-time job. No matter whether you are staying at home, you work in a office or you are a freelance worker, your duties are endless. As if all the troubles are not enough, there is the constant housekeeping chores awaiting do be done.

I know that there is hardly any time for cleaning and you can’t waste a whole day taking care of your entire house. This is why I am recommending you to try these three simple tips which can make your role as a mom easier and less stressful.

Change your cleaning schedule

It is only natural to struggle with the house cleaning if you leave everything for a single day. The best solution for this problem is to sacrifice about half to one hour from every day of the week. By doing more simple chores every day, you are making your job much more easier. This may seem too tiring but believe me that this habit will actually cut your housekeeping time in half, if not even more.

I like to use about an hour of every day to either wipe the dust, vacuum the floors or do a simple wipe of the hard surfaces in every room. Decluttering also helps tremendously to make the mess in your house much more bearable.

Simple trick to be more organized

Matching your baby’s top and bottom parts of an outfit or finding the toy your child is looking for can turn into a real disaster really quick. To avoid such mess, make sure to place everything in a certain place every time. Storing the whole outfit in one place or putting all the toys in one basket, which is assigned to be used simply for the purpose of storing the toys of your child is a good idea. Next time when you are in a hurry, you can find everything quick and have an easy access to it.

Include your family members

There is not such a rule that moms should do the whole work on their own. This will only make you loose your mind and do really bad job at being a super mom. Remember what I said about cleaning every day? The truth is I am not doing it alone. My husband helps me a lot with the cleaning chores. We both split the simple housekeeping chores that we do every day. He often takes care of the dishes every night while I vacuum or wipe the dust off the surfaces.

I also have taught my children to help with the decluttering which is a great method to teach them to be more responsible. This way the whole cleaning of the house becomes much more easier. My children know that when they are finished playing, all the toys should be put back in the box where they are always stored.

So, there you have it. These are three easy tips which can guarantee you that you can be a step closer to being a multitasking super mom. Forget about the constant struggle to balance between doing great at work and being a good parent at home. If you follow these steps, I can assure you that your life will become much more easier and you will be able to truly enjoy every second you are spending with your family.

Written by Demi Giles 


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