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17 October 2017

Feature: Word From the U.S!

Firearms and the US: Will Anything Ever Change?


The Great Parenting Myth!

What’s your ideal job? Pilot? Gin taster? PA to Tom Hardy? Has anyone lost count at the amount of times they’ve been told being a mother is the best job in the world and felt slightly underwhelmed? There I said it! I mean don’t get me wrong I love those little sleep deprivers I grew in my own fair tummy but is it unreasonable to feel a bit…. Let down at times?


16 October 2017

Fashion Feature!

I was 31, heading swiftly away from my twenties towards a mid life crisis, and yes, I hate to admit it, a Jedward fan. 

Every Saturday night I waited  with anticipation, not to see who would be voted off the Xfactor, but to see what kind of Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes Jedward would be wearing to match their crazy outfits.

I was obsessed. 

Not only do I have a little (!!) bit of a shoe addiction, but I have always loved wings. Winged earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, I had the lot. I owned tops with wings on the back, winged phone cases, and even managed to persuade myself that a winged fairy tattoo was a good idea (long before my impending mid-life crisis I may add!) 

Their shoes were very hard to come by. I saw a couple of pairs in Covent Garden a few years back, but with their £200+ price tag, along with the fact that I thought I would have the Mickey taken out of me, I refrained from buying them...and have regretted it ever since 2010.


13 October 2017

Bowel Cancer At 37 Is Something To Shout About!

The weekend before my first chemo session my husband whisked me away on a surprise spa break. It was meant to be a relaxing, let’s-forget-about-all-that-cancer-crap for 24 hours… Alas, cancer’s shadow cast long and dark over even the most lightly scented of spa treatment rooms. I was asked to fill out a health questionnaire, you see. It’s a standard procedure. I’ve completed my fair share over the years but up until that point I’ve never had to tick the first box in the ‘have you ever had any of the following conditions’ section before.


10 October 2017

Advert: Percy & Nell


Activity: Exercise the Alphabet Outside

In kindergarten, children are expected to become masters of the alphabet. By the end of kindergarten, children should be able to recite the alphabet, identify individual letters and associate most of the letters with their corresponding sounds.
If your child is a mover and a shaker, there's no better way to practice alphabet skills than to get her outside, and exercise the alphabet! Here's how to help your child make letter-sound associations, while also getting some healthful exercise.


6 October 2017

Advert: The Oil Culture


All change

Just when parenting seems a little more comfortable, a new challenge presents itself. My eldest started school this term and whilst he’s adapted to his new adventure with great excitement and gusto, I’m trying to adapt and get into our new groove. 


4 October 2017

Imagine That Was You

A life of destruction, deceit and dishonesty. My rose tinted spectacles were smashed on my trip home from hospital after my birth. This is real life, happening now. Imagine that was you, your mother or even worse, your daughter.  
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