16 October 2017

Fashion Feature!

I was 31, heading swiftly away from my twenties towards a mid life crisis, and yes, I hate to admit it, a Jedward fan. 

Every Saturday night I waited  with anticipation, not to see who would be voted off the Xfactor, but to see what kind of Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes Jedward would be wearing to match their crazy outfits.

I was obsessed. 

Not only do I have a little (!!) bit of a shoe addiction, but I have always loved wings. Winged earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, I had the lot. I owned tops with wings on the back, winged phone cases, and even managed to persuade myself that a winged fairy tattoo was a good idea (long before my impending mid-life crisis I may add!) 

Their shoes were very hard to come by. I saw a couple of pairs in Covent Garden a few years back, but with their £200+ price tag, along with the fact that I thought I would have the Mickey taken out of me, I refrained from buying them...and have regretted it ever since 2010.

Fast forward nearly 7 years, I am reaching 40, and I still love shopping.

My friend and I decided to try the new designer outlet area today called 'Hackney Walk'. 

It took about half an hour from North London, quite an easy drive with 'Waze', and because the entire area is 'residents parking only' (strange considering the large shopping development), we parked in the nearby Tesco.

All the units are not yet filled, but there are still a decent number of shops.

'Matches Fashion', amazing discounts on world wide brands, but still very expensive. For example, tops reduced from £800-250, jackets from £1500-500!

'Anya Hindmarch', the most fabulous selection of her most popular bags. Stunning beyond stunning. I definitely now know what will be on my 40th birthday wish list, but my favorite bag reduced from £900 - £550 isn't exactly the bargain I was envisaged today!

'Burberry', a huge shop, again with some amazing reductions, and with the whole shop full of Japanese tourists, you know it's going to be good! With parka jackets reduced from £800-£300, it's still a fabulous reduction for an investment jacket, but again, not the bargain I was hoping for today.

We had two hours until school pick-up, so decided to have a little wander around Spitalfields and Brick Lane. 

Tucked away down the lane leading to the Truman Brewery, was a little shop simple named 'designer discounts', and seeing as we didn't buy anything in Hackney, we decided to chance our luck in here.

Am I glad I did! I don't believe in fate, but this shopping trip may have converted me.

Have you ever seen the movie 'Ice Age', where Scrat finally finds an acorn? The acorn has a kind of halo glow around it, there is an opera singer singing some high pitched triumphant tune, and his little eyes nearly bulge out of his head....that was me, because there in the corner of this shop was none other than the Jedward winged shoes. 

People often ask me who I shop for, myself? My husband? My friends? No, I shop for my 15 year old fans, and my 15 year old inner self! 

I refuse to let age dictate what I wear. I wear what I want to wear, and I am am finally having the confidence to say 'if you don't like it, tough!'

So, this is what I'll be wearing tomorrow, I am one very happy middle-aged lady. 

Written by Abi @abirose 


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