8 November 2017

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About Me:

I am a feisty and good-humoured graphic designer (@gcreativeuk on Instagram), committed to achieving the best possible result for all my clients. I've got a degree in Art & Design, many years experience working in creative agencies and a gorgeous little daughter. 

I've climbed a mountain, swum in croc-infested waters, run a couple of marathons and I do Burlesque on a Tuesday. Just a few snippets from my life which have all served to motivate, inspire and scare the crap out of me. 

These things have also taught me patience, how to listen and to always be grateful. I am efficient and a fast worker with excellent communication skills, attention to detail and apply creativity and originality to every brief. I love typography, colour, reality TV and ALL THE WINE.

Here is some of my work and some people you may recognise:

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