24 November 2017

Fashion Feature!


Hold on, hold on, I know, we all wear black, and the word 'colour' is like a swear word in most of our wardrobes (especially mine!), but bear with me, you may be surprised what you learn.

So, picture this, last year, on a trip to Florida to see my auntie, she told me that she was taking me to a surprise. 'Shopping', I gleefully thought, and started to work out the exchange rate at a rate of my own!!!

But alas, as we pass the sign for 'outlet shopping', I knew that's not where we were heading (and would have to work out later how to persuade my shopping-hating husband to venture into a mall!)

We park, we walk through a grey office, and are shown into a grey room. At this point I'm trying to work out how far it would be for me to run to the outlet.

A lady walks in, dressed in grey, places a grey cloak over me, introduces herself as Sheryl the colourist and my surprisingly fabulous afternoon begins.

She asks me what colours I wear.
Haha, colours (!!!), and I proceed to tell her all the flattering shades of black that adorn my wardrobe.

After a quick 'tut tut' and a little eye-rolling, the process of partnering me with my perfect few colours begins.

What an eye opener! 

Very quickly I see how important wearing the right colours actually is. I've always known that as much as I have lusted after the perfect white shirt (and have failed time and time again to find one), I have always known that it's not the shirts that haven't been suiting me, it's the colour (if you can call white a colour?). And now I understand why.

Have you ever put on a coloured top and have had your ego massaged a little when the compliments flood in.
I have worn colours on the odd occasion and have always thought that the compliments are just because of the vast contrast to my comforting usual black. 

It's not. 
It's actually because certain colours actually make you look fabulous. If you find a colour that compliments your skin tone it will actually do miraculous things to the colour of your eyes, your hair and even your teeth.

 If you look at the pics below, you will quickly see which colours make me look like I've been dead a few months, and which colours Sheryl sent me away with in my 'colours I should wear' package.

The final pic is me, broken away from black (well, for one night only!!!) and am wearing a colour that was highly recommended by Sheryl. Honestly, at the party that I wore it to, I have never had so many compliments on my outfit!!

Excuse the facial expressions in the colour testing pics, I was trying to act serious. 

Written by Abi from @toptips4fashion 


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