5 December 2017

Feature: Lean Mum's

Hi everyone,

Well winter is officially here isn’t it!!! We’ve even had snow this week!

As the cold sets in and Christmas gets closer I often find that people struggle with motivation. Sure there are lots of people working hard now in preparation for all of the indulging to come but for most people it seems easier to just wait until January.

It’s that mindset that I want to talk more about. If you are one of those people who is happy to wait until the New Year to kick-start everything then the obvious reaction for most is to go completely the opposite way in the mean time, give up on all training and eat what you want.

You absolutely don’t need to do this!

Just because you aren’t able to fully commit to driving towards new goals, it doesn’t mean you need to go backwards.

Sometimes staying where you are and maintaining is the best thing to do.

What I mean is you can still do something. Not every meal needs to be off plan and over-indulgent and you don’t need to give up on all exercise. No matter how busy you are and how demotivated you might feel there are always small things you can do to help.

In last month’s article we talked about simple things you can do to stay and active and the month before that we talked about the importance of diet and easy things you can do with your diet that make a big difference.

You don’t need to do all of these things to benefit how you look and feel, just keeping small habits in place will really help. For example keep trying to get out for walks, keep your breakfasts and lunches healthy.

Wait until the New Year to really kick on but in the mean time try your best to improve your physical and mental well being by just doing what you can.

If nothing else it will help you cope with a hectic December!

Good luck!

Robbie @leanmums 


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