31 December 2017

Monthly Horoscopes with Russell Grant for January 2018!

ARIES (March21st-April20th)

Home and family should be your primary focus in early January. The Full Moon on the 2nd gives you a lovely opportunity to wrap up a property deal, attend a reunion or resolve a relative's problem. Adopt a low profile during the first half of the month. Spending time out of the spotlight will give you a chance to rest and recuperate from all the holiday festivities that occupied your attention in December. On the 17th, the New Moon presents an exciting career opportunity. Work involving art, luxury goods or cosmetics would be a potential packed career direction. You'll enjoy working for a company that has an element of glamour to it. Upgrading your professional wardrobe is strongly advised. A tasteful Libra will teach you which fashions look best on you. A Lunar Eclipse on the 31st brings the end to a creative project, allowing you to go on a trip you've been longing to take.

TAURUS (April21st-May21st)

The opening days of the month will find you catching up on mundane chores like paperwork, phone calls and errands. Use the power of the Full Moon on the 2nd to tie up some loose ends. If you've had difficulty with contract negotiations, you'll be able to finally come to an agreement on this pivotal date. The New Moon on the 17th invites you to expand your horizons in some exciting way. The opportunity to teach, write or travel for money will fall into your lap. Take this opportunity to add some impressive experience to your CV. On the 31st, a Lunar Eclipse will bring unexpected changes to your home life. Whether you have to find a new residence or need to make room for a relative in your living space, take heart. This transition will have tremendous financial benefits for you. Take this opportunity to make a deposit or open a savings account.

GEMINI (May22nd-June21st)

An impressive cheque will arrive on or around the 2nd, courtesy of an enriching Full Moon. Take advantage of the New Year sales. You'll find great bargains on luxury merchandise. This is also a good time to visit the salon, get a spa treatment and splash out on some status symbols. An intimate relationship could take flower on the 17th, thanks to the New Moon. It may be impossible to resist the charm of a potential partner who is tasteful, intelligent and gracious. Are you already in a relationship? Your amour will receive a raise or inheritance, increasing your own financial fortune. This would be a good time to make some upgrades to your home or start a retirement fund. The Lunar Eclipse on the 31st will prompt you to adopt a healthier outlook. The influence of an optimistic teacher will be very strong. You may be inspired to write, teach or travel.

CANCER (June22nd-July23rd)

The spotlight will be trained firmly on you during the opening days of January. The Full Moon on the 2nd is great for showcasing your talent and finishing an important chapter to your life. If you've felt like you've been giving everything you have and getting little in return, this is your chance to rectify the matter. Do something nice for yourself. Take some time off work, indulge in some sensual pleasures and put your needs first. By the time the New Moon arrives on the 17th, you'll be ready to forge a partnership with someone you greatly respect. Joining forces with a creative person will make you feel like you can move mountains. On the 31st, a Lunar Eclipse will give you the courage to walk away from an arrangement that feels more like work than play. Finding a lucrative job that appeals to your artistic side is a strong possibility.

LEO (July24th-August23rd)

The Full Moon on the 2nd brings an end to a period of seclusion. Coming out of your shell will be refreshing. Don't be surprised if you meet someone special on one of your first times back on the social scene. You'll have to be the aggressor, since the object of your affection is very shy. Are you already in a romantic relationship? Do something special for your amour. A thoughtful gift or loving gesture will make the first half January highly passionate. The New Moon on the 17th is great for starting a new job or health regime. You'll be more determined than ever to make success of a demanding routine. Set small, manageable targets over an achievable time. Each time you reach a goal, give yourself a small reward. The Lunar Eclipse on the 31st marks the end of a role you've outgrown. Take this opportunity to make a fresh start. Taking up a creative hobby will be extremely rewarding.

VIRGO (August24th-September23rd)

The opening days of January will be highly sociable, thanks to a Full Moon on the 2nd. Attending a family party could put you on an exciting path. If a relative offers to introduce you to one of their friends, be agreeable and gracious. This meeting will have a transformative effect on your personal life. On the 17th, the New Moon will mark the beginning of a passionate relationship. If you were on the fence about getting involved in a serious relationship, all your doubts will disappear at this time. Do you already have a partner? It will feel like you're enjoying a second honeymoon during the middle of January. The Lunar Eclipse on the 31st brings hidden creative abilities to light. If you feel an urge to put your creative plans and insights into practice you will have to rearrange some present priorities to make more time for this pursuit. There is more to life than work and responsibility. Fill your free time with art, music and books.

LIBRA (September24th-October23rd)

On the 2nd, the Full Moon will find you accepting a promotion or award for a job well done. This accolade will pave the way for a more creative line of work. If you've always wanted a career in the arts, now is the time to make the transition. Is your current profession devoted to a particular creative medium? You'll be able to transition into an equally stimulating form of expression. The New Moon on the 17th is ideal for buying a home, relocating to another town or starting a family. Cultivating a rewarding personal life should be your first priority. If you have a relative who wants to take a risk, give them your full encouragement. You may not realise it, but your opinion means a great deal to this family member. As January comes to a close, the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st could help you realise a dream you've held since childhood.

SCORPIO (October24th-November22nd)

The Full Moon on the 2nd marks the conclusion of an exciting growth period for you. If you're not returning from a business trip, you might finish a paper or take a test that results in a diploma. Alternatively, you could finish a writing project that earns fame and acclaim. No matter what your achievement in early January, it will set off a chain of celebrations. Have fun; you've earned it. On the 17th, the New Moon will inspire you to take up a hobby or sport. Balancing responsibilities with fun pursuits will cultivate energy and optimism. As the month draws to a close, a Lunar Eclipse will mark the end of a public role. After fulfilling your final responsibilities, you'll be able to take a well-deserved holiday. This trip will cost a little more money than expected. Don't worry. The memories you create will be more precious than gold.

SAGITTARIUS (November23rd-December21st)

The opening days of January will be lucrative for you, thanks to an enriching Full Moon on the 2nd. You could receive an insurance refund, legal settlement or royalty payment that allows you to fund a dream project. Starting a charity, making a film and going on a spiritual pilgrimage are among the possibilities. The New Moon on the 17th further increases your financial fortune, thanks to a handsome job offer. This well-paid position will allow you to supply the public with goods and services that make life much more pleasant. On the 31st, a Lunar Eclipse could mark the end of a prolonged period of study. Getting a license, degree or diploma will give you a greater measure of freedom. Taking a prolonged trip will be a great way to celebrate your newfound freedom. It will be so much fun to go out and enjoy yourself without worrying about tests, papers and reading assignments.

CAPRICORN (December22nd-January20th)

The Full Moon on the 2nd brings a partnership matter to a satisfying conclusion for everyone involved. Whether you tie the knot, finish a creative collaboration or conclude a work assignment is immaterial. The important thing is you will have benefitted from the support and encouragement of a talented person who only wants the best for you. By the time the New Moon rises on the 17th, you'll be ready to make a profound change to your personal life. Changing your hairstyle, undergoing a cosmetic procedure or assuming a different role will attract favourable attention. The Lunar Eclipse on the 31st marks an improvement in your financial situation. A romantic or business partnership will put more money in your bank account. Take this opportunity to sneak away to a private hideaway. Getting some time away from the demands of work and family will be therapeutic. Stay away from social media during this relaxing interlude.

AQUARIUS (January21st-February19th)

Finishing a big job on the 2nd will cause you to breathe a sigh of relief. When the Full Moon rises on the 2nd, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment that is positively empowering. Take this opportunity to set a lofty new goal. Launching an art project or going on a spiritual journey will be a handsome reward for all the hard work you've done over the past few weeks. The New Moon on the 17th will find you taking a more low key approach to life. Solitary pursuits like reading, writing and communing with nature will keep life in proper perspective. Instead of yearning for fame and acclaim, you'll be happy to spend a quiet evening with your nearest and dearest. On the 31st, a Lunar Eclipse will bring the end of a partnership. Once you aren't responsible for someone else, you'll be able to pursue a cherished dream. Go for it.

PISCES (February20th-March20th)

The Full Moon on the 2nd gets 2018 off to a highly romantic start. If you've been dating someone special, you may decide to get engaged or married. Are you single? You could meet someone special in the opening days of the year. Both of you will share a deep desire to create a loving bond that lasts a lifetime. On the 17th, the New Moon will prompt you to join a group, team or organisation that furthers your dreams in some way. There is power in numbers during the middle of the month. Whenever you encounter an obstacle, ask friends for help. They'll be happy to lend whatever assistance they can. The final day of the month finds you rising up the ladder to success. After successfully completing a job, the Lunar Eclipse will attract a professional opportunity that makes your heart sing. Work involving publishing, travel or education will be especially enjoyable.

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