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16 August 2018

Kids Eat Free at YO!

YO! announces little ones can eat for free this summer


15 August 2018

Mamma Mia and Me




14 August 2018

The Glow

I am currently approaching the 27-week mark and my third and final trimester, I must admit up to now this pregnancy is flying by (I've probably spoken too soon.) Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've heard a lot of ladies talk about 'The Glow' which instantly caught my interest, what is this glow? Apparently, this 'Glow' is beautiful crystal clear skin like something you'd find up in the Swiss mountains, beautiful hair and full lips (the ones you don't have to pay for!) It sounded like a great deal to me I was sold...

Ok so the first few months waiting for my glow I came out in acne something that I haven't really had since being in school, but its ok if I have to have acne for a couple of months and cover my face in sudocrem day and night so be it for my Swedish model skin. Then came the Mel Gibson hair (Braveheart addition) like the acne I can deal with that because soon I'll have this 'glow', so I thought.

The months passed and I started to feel like I was glowing less and less, I was like a B&M light bulb next to a B&Q one, I had officially surrendered to the belly warmers, which made me look like something off bugs life, I had my full knickers on and my belly warmers pulled to just underneath my ever expanding nipples. But you know what I was comfy as f*ck I felt free.


17 July 2018

TOP OF THE CLASS: Lidl’s ‘Back to School’ range offers a full uniform for £4.50

·         Available in stores from 19th July, the range includes clothing and stationery with prices starting at just 79p

·         Clothing has been independently quality tested meaning parents won’t have to compromise on quality or price[1]


Futurist warns that opportunities for the next generation of innovators are dwindling


6 July 2018


• DW Fitness First has teamed up with the UK’s 4 National Governing Bodies of athletics and running (England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland and Welsh Athletics) to help parents and children keep fit
• Research shows parents don’t have time to exercise because of the responsibility of looking after children
• Three quarters say they can’t exercise with their children because they get too distracted and unruly
• More than 8 out of 10 parents said they lost up to 5 hours per week of exercise after starting a family
• As a result on average parents put on one and a half stone after having children
• Parents want to be active as a family because of the positive effects on children and themselves - better sleep, better behaviour happier and stronger family bonding
• DW Fitness First has devised a new routine that can be fitted around children – even when they are unruly


5 July 2018

TV dietitian Lucy Jones calls families to turn off the TV at Dinnertime

Reclaim dinner time! Families are switching off and turning on the TV

Uncle Ben’s responds to recent research and calls for parents to turn off the TV at dinner time


3 July 2018

The day I met a real life heroine - Marrianne Rooprai


‘It’s not a Competition’

I’ve recently been talking to a couple of new mums, because my boy is a couple of months older than their babies, naturally they were asking about milestones that I have already been through with my boy and they were yet to face. I’ve noticed that they were a little concerned about the time their babies were taken to achieve some of the milestones. As they shared their worries with me, I couldn’t help but feel upset to see those lovely new mums who were doing a brilliant job have been affected by some of the things they were told by others. It’s bad enough that every new parent questions everything they do, often doubting themselves, unsure if what they do is the right thing. It takes time to learn to trust your own self and your inner instincts when you become a parent for the first time.


29 June 2018

Just make something quick, he’s weed all over himself!

I treasure bath times with my son, I really do. If I leave work bang on time and speed walk to the station I can make it home just in time for a 10-minute splash about before bedtime. By now, my wife Anni and I were in a good routine where I’d have a bath with him, then she’d take him, give him a massage and feed before putting him in his cot whilst I made us dinner. Three months in and we could finally put him down to sleep (after a bit of a fight). It was working, just and even though I didn’t get to spend that much time with him each evening, we were all eating well and getting the minimum amount of sleep we needed. 

One cold winters’ evening when he was about two months old I planned to come home from work, give him a quick bath and make a hearty dinner for Anni and I. Rushing in the door I gave my family quick kisses before running a bath, stripping off and diving in. (This way I also got to have a quick power bath to myself each day whilst Anni got him ready, oh the luxury!). I lit some candles, put the Lion King soundtrack on and eagerly awaited my son’s arrival.
Splashing about with him I watched his little eyes widen as his body made contact with the water and listened to him gurgle as we squeezed a sponge over him. I felt all of the worries of life and work fall away, at the end of the day. This was all that mattered.

After about ten minutes his eyes began to get a bit droopy. Bath times are tiring for babies and we didn’t want to miss the boat for him getting a good night’s sleep. As Anni got herself ready to feed him in our bedroom I lifted him out of the bath, lay him on his towel on the changing mat and turned around to get his clothes, already salivating at the food I was going to cook for us later.

A stupid mistake.

I heard loud screams and quickly turned around to see my son urinating (quite strongly) into his own face. Obviously, this was not a pleasant experience for him, so he also decided to scream and cry at the same time, whilst dousing his newly cleaned body in his own urine. Anni rushed in, with that look in her eyes that mothers get when someone else makes their baby cry, picked him up and gently hugged and cooed him.  The poor little guy needed not only another bath to clean him again but a lot of hugging and reassurance from the both of us as well. Dinner would need a rethink, so instead, I just made some rice and seabass, which is so quick to cook but more importantly I also learnt a very important lesson about bath time.


28 June 2018

7 Things I Wish I’d Known About Pre-Eclampsia

Imagine being a healthy and working, normal(ish) 23 year old, pregnant with your first baby and being told at your 28 week midwife appointment that you can’t go home and need to go to the hospital immediately. Pretty shitty and totally unfair, right? Well, actually, it turns out they were bloody amazing at their jobs and I’m lucky to still be here 10 years later.


26 June 2018

Katie Piper Launches New Maternity Collection for Summer 2018

Katie’s new 'Mother' maternity collection currently consists of 27 pieces in a variety of vibrant block colours and floral patterns.

The range is made up of styles including wrap over, skater, bodycon and midi dresses, along with tops, jumpsuits and nightwear to ensure every mum-to-be feels confident, comfortable and stylish during her expecting months. 

Each piece was carefully selected by Katie and the Want That Trend team to ensure pregnant women can find the perfect outfit to embrace their bump at an affordable price point.


22 June 2018

A beginner’s guide to single motherhood

I have been a single mum, a lone parent, a solo mother (whatever your preferred label) for three years now.  There have been times when I’ve let it all get on top of me and overwhelm me.

My son was five months old when I left his father.  Single motherhood was never my plan.  I had been with his father for six years.  Our son was definitely planned.  I doubt I am the only person to say that parenthood changes everything.  Parenthood always changes everything.

I once read that becoming a mother is like finding another room in your house.  A new and exciting room that you never knew was there.  Apparently the new room that is motherhood expands your horizons and enables you to explore different aspects of your personality and character. 

For me, becoming a mother was more like a total house refurbishment.  It was like taking the roof off my house and moving all of the walls.  All of a sudden the light shone in and lit up the unsavoury and uncomfortable aspects of my life that I had hidden in dark corners and under the furniture.  All of the uncomfortable aspects of our relationship that I’d hidden under the carpet were suddenly in the spotlight.  All of the clues as to different values, religions, upbringing, the fact that we had different views on parenting and family life were suddenly in sharp relief. 

There was not one reason why I left my son’s father.  There were a million and one reasons. 

No-one chooses to become a single parent.  Even mothers who become single mothers ‘by choice’ are women who desperately want a child, but just haven’t met the person who they want to have a child with. 

Single mothers suffer from the single mother stereotype.  The single mother stereotype portrays single mothers as in their teens, on benefits and as bad parents.  In reality, the average age of a single mother is 37.  Most single mothers work, and trust me when I tell you that we are not bad parents. 

Single mothers are also seen as silly women who make bad choices.  For me there is some truth in this.  I made a bad choice of partner, but I had the courage to do something about it, and of that I am proud.


21 June 2018

Why would this mum run two marathons in two weeks?

This April I ran two marathons – Manchester and London. “Why on earth would you do that?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s because I was fundraising for an incredible charity that is doing research and work in a field that I am super-passionate about: Pre-eclampsia.
Here’s my “why”…


20 June 2018


Credit to Andrew Whittington


5 June 2018

A Walk Therapy

Do you find yourself feeling trapped within the bubble of parenthood? Do the walls of your house seem to be closing in on you? Does the air feel heavy and make it feel so hard to breathe?
All this and so much more happens to so many of us as we start our journey through parenthood. New mothers, left exhausted and sleep deprived, unable to adjust quickly enough to the changes the new arrival has brought to the life you used to have. No privacy, no time for yourself, no time to eat, to drink, to take a shower. You lose the grasp of the reality and days become nights; you are lost, you are lonely, you are trapped; trapped at home, trapped within the tired and exhausted self, trapped mentally, physically and emotionally.
No one doubts your love and care for your new baby. You love them so much that you give yourself entirely without holding back, you live and breathe your child, doing everything to make sure your baby is healthy and happy. You devote, dedicate, you give your all, leaving your mental and physical health neglected because, in your eyes, you do not matter.
I have been through this, and I felt like I was disintegrating. I felt so lonely, even when people were around. I felt helpless, even if help was offered. I felt weak, I felt like I was failing, even when I did well. I was scared to speak and tell anyone how I was truly feeling inside, holding a brave front, masking it with makeup, acting like I had a good control of everything.
I struggled. I hated how I was feeling, hated myself, my post-pregnancy body, hated me.  I didn’t like to feel weak, I thought I was not supposed to feel this way. I thought I was not allowed to be anything but strong and put together.
How wrong I was!

Am I an adult or do I have super powers?


25 May 2018

5 Mommy duties that I am willing to swap.

I love being a mommy despite the countless war sessions I have with my 4 year old. I love the way he rises up to my arguments and has his own views on my ways of the world. I am also guilty of stooping down to a level that is sometimes lower than his age, just to vent out my irritation.


21 May 2018

The Royal Wedding Demonstrates Why Women Are Each Other’s Worst Enemies.


18 May 2018

How (and why) to have an amazing Monday!


There's nothing lucky about it (but I sure am grateful!)

I am lucky to have my partner, he is (mostly) wonderful. Where I refuse to say I’m lucky is he does do the laundry and gets the changing bag ready- all by himself-  if he takes our daughter out, which he often does. I am not the lucky one, we all are- the three of us: to be able to build and lead this life together, as a family. To have two parents share responsibility for our daughter and be able to follow our separate career dreams: that’s fortunate. Oh, and the result of some careful thought and planning. So, the aim is: our daughter will grow up knowing her worth and capabilities are not defined by gender, seeing both parents do the housework and chores and -more importantly- doing other things that bring them joy. 


15 May 2018

BAD MOTHER campaign!


Post Natal Depression

Here’s another one for M A T E R N A L | M E N T A L | H E A L TH | M A T T E R S week


11 May 2018

‘Today I am a Sofa’

Becoming a parent means to set yourself on a path of continuous growth and development. You change and go through milestones of your own just like your baby goes through theirs.

10 May 2018

Time For Us

What a ruddy brilliant bank holiday weekend I had with my lovely man and our gorgeous boy, we spent it at home, doing some housey jobs, spending time in the garden, having a few drinks and eating all of the meat - what bank holidays are made for - right? 


9 May 2018

Top 10 tips for busy Mum's!

From teaching cooking classes I know that for most parents, it isn’t an inability to cook, but a lack of time that stops people cooking and gets them reaching for the takeout menu or meal delivery boxes. As a working mum, I know how easy it is to slip into eating rubbish, spending a fortune on ready-made food or eating out just because it is suddenly 7pm, you’ve just got home and everyone is starving. I’m no angel, I know the lure of take out or toast when I’m tired.


8 May 2018

Loving messy life with a toddler

I often feel as though I am just one more dirty diaper, sharp toy under my bare foot, spilled cup of water, whiney “I'm hungry” away from a complete breakdown. Daily. Multiple times a day actually.


4 May 2018

The Grief Mum

My gran was my best friend; I spent nearly every weekend and after
school there. I even went for lunch most days so I could save my
dinner money so I could buy Harry Potter books.


2 May 2018

Making memories. Not photos for social media.


Wish You Were Here!

Hi everyone!

This weeks travel post is something a little different to any of the others I've done, because the destination we traveled to is in England! If you don't fancy heading to the airport and travelling abroad, it can be quite difficult to find something suitable here in the UK. You often end up spending the same amount of money (if not more!) as you'd pay to spend some time in the sun.

I looked through lots of different sites and reviews from parents all over the UK as to which holiday park they would recommend, and a name that kept cropping up was Rockley Park. Rockley Park is a Haven Holidays park in the Poole area of Dorset, I loved Haven the few times I went as a child so I decided to look into it as an option for us. When I found out that Rockley Park had a luxury spa, was right by the beach, kids activities on throughout the entire day, heated indoor AND outdoor pools and modern, stylish caravans I knew this was the place for me! What sold it even more is that it was so much closer to Peppa Pig World than we are at home and I really wanted to take my son there.

After looking through different deals I managed to get an amazingly low price for 4 nights in a Platinum caravan for 2 adults and 2 infants at just £240! This was a promotional offer and at such a low cost we booked straight away. Originally we were due to go in June but as a result of unforeseen circumstances we had to change our stay to the Easter holidays which was disappointing as the weather wasn't great but we still had a lovely time.

In the double room we also had a TV, a good sized mirror,
a wardrobe, drawers, and storage compartments either side and
above the bed   


27 April 2018

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