9 January 2018

A New Year’s Resolution: Improving Yourself and Your Family Life

The holiday season is in full swing and if you have finished your shopping and decorating, you’ve probably started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, we all know that more often than not, those resolutions get broken. Therefore, this time, make some promises that include not just you but your whole family as well – promises that are too amazing not to be kept. If you need a bit of inspiration, here are some resolutions you should consider.

Communicate more

Communication is the most important part of every relationship, and family relationships are not an exception. We often can’t be bothered to talk, or forget to do so completely, because we are exhausted from work, school, taking care of the kids, etc. However, sharing our thoughts and emotions can help us feel better by getting the support and appreciation we need after a hard day. Even a short text can mean a lot, so don’t hesitate to show your family that you’re thinking of them.
By communicating more, you will learn not just how to express yourself better, but also how to solve any potential conflicts and issues much more efficiently and with no hurt feelings. It’s one of the best ways to show how much you care about your family, so make it a promise to work on your communication skills, and you will definitely become closer than ever.

Make time for yourself and your family

Family rituals can be a great way to strengthen your family identity. For example, family dinners are a perfect opportunity to talk about your day while instilling healthy eating habits. Or, if you have special family traditions, try to stick to them even if you are busy or you think that your kids are getting too old for them – some of the best memories are created through such traditions, so make it a resolution not to ignore them.

Also, don’t forget to make some time just for yourself. Take a day off once a month and spend it doing whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed – read a book, have a bubble bath, book a full-day spa treatment, just try not to think about anything stressful that day. Taking care of your own needs will help you take better care of your family’s as well, so don’t feel bad about focusing on yourself for a day – you’re only human, and everybody needs a break from time to time. 

Learn something new

What better way to improve yourselves than to gain new skills? It can be anything from drawing to cooking, as long as you find it enjoyable. For instance, if you’d like to improve your tech skills, you can check out what TP3 has in offer – you will surely find something that interests you. Plus, you never know what good can come out of it; you might discover a hidden talent, or you might even turn your new skill into a way to earn some extra money you can spend on a family vacation, renovating your home, buying a better car, or simply treating yourself. There are many ways in which gaining new skills can benefit your whole family, so don’t be afraid to learn something new.

Focus on smaller goals

Don’t go from watching TV in the morning to running a mile – it’s not a promise you’ll be able to keep for long. Instead of setting big, unrealistic goals, focus on introducing smaller changes that can eventually turn into healthy habits. For example, instead of hitting the gym, try working out for 15minutes every day at home and increasing that time every week. Or, if you want to learn how to paint, start by painting landscapes or something that requires less precise movements, not by trying to paint the Mona Lisa. Simpler and more specific plans will make it easier for you to follow through, and you will set a good example for your family by showing them how to make their own goals more easily achievable.

Accept who you are

Arguably the most important resolution is to accept who you are with all your virtues and flaws. Nobody is perfect, so it’s okay if you just can’t seem to drop those five extra pounds or get up half an hour early no matter how many alarms you set. It’s okay if your son is bad at sports or if your daughter can’t get an A in Math. Those are all little things that won’t matter in the long run, and as such, are not worth worrying about. Instead, focus on the positive – if you are healthy, if you have hobbies, interests, and goals in life, and if you love each other, then nothing else matters.

The resolutions you make can be a bonding experience for your whole family. They can be a great way for you to learn about setting realistic goals and accomplishing them together, appreciating each other, celebrating even the small victories, and most importantly, putting effort into things that truly matter.

Written by Isabel  


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