19 January 2018

Advert: Surviving Society

Surviving Society, owned by Katie, is an online indie brand that celebrates motherhood and empowers women through positive slogan mama merch for adults and kids. Katie set up the business after seeing other Mums successfully become their own boss by tapping into the entrepreneurial market. She has had several career changes from teacher training to cleaning in a hospital, and currently still works (in retail) alongside running her business and being a Mother to an energetic toddler.

The main focus of the brand is to help raise awareness of sepsis and depression, two illnesses Katie herself has had to deal with, one from becoming a parent (post-birth infection), and the other from childhood trauma lasting over a decade.
Another cause close to Katie’s heart is ensuring the public are made aware of the fashion industry’s high CO2 emissions during the garment making process. The majority of Surviving Society products are made from Indian organic cotton, which means they were grown in pesticide free soil, and manufactured under the Global Organic Textile Standard with a 90% reduction in the carbon footprint. The t-shirts are also Fair Wear certified ensuring ethical trading, particularly with workers so that there is no forced labour, a fair wage, good working conditions and much more.

All of the Surviving Society garments are screen printed in the UK using water based eco-friendly ink that has been approved by the Soil Association. This acknowledgement highlights that the inks used are mostly organic and not harmful to workers or the environment.
The future goal is ensure all of the garments in Katie’s online shop are made from entirely ethical and eco-friendly sourced suppliers. She has already been busy researching the market and designing more products that include some accessories and enamel pin badges, which will be released in February.
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