11 January 2018

Beating the January Blues

The decorations are down. The tree has finally made it outside. Most of the chocolate, cheese and biscuits have been demolished. I'm back at work and we're back to the usual routine. Christmas is most definitely done!

January can feel a bit bloody depressing if you ask me. Gone are the relaxing PJ days of the Christmas holidays, getting up when you like (or at least when the kids like), films watched while being snuggled under a blanket and the joy of chocolate for breakfast... Back to the rush and madness of getting my daughter up, dressed and to nursery on time while simultaneously trying to make sure I don't look like an utter tramp for work. Fun times. And to top it off, it's cold, wet and grey.

It's so cooooold!! 

But this year I'm trying something different to take January by the balls. Prepare for my January to do list... I do love me a list!

To do...

  • Use the weekends to relax
Why should chilling out, PJ days and movie nights be left behind with the glitz and fun of Christmas? Yes, working 9-5 gets in the way of doing this every day and true, sadly I can't spend a week refusing to get out of my festive PJs and only leaving the sofa to refill my plate of cheese (inconsiderate work) but I can definitely relax on a Sunday with my girl! Days with no set schedule or plan being held on a regular basis are hopefully going to help ease me into 2018.

  • Learn to say no... And stick to it!
I'm a yes person. I dread the idea of upsetting people or letting anyone down. It's exhausting at times. I've been known to fill my time with so many people and events that I'm literally racing from one place to the next, barely taking time to catch my breath. I end up on my arse, knackered beyond belief and stressed. So this January, I'm saying no. I'm fitting in less and enjoying more. And doing my best not to feel guilty for it!

  • Eat my greens
I have the diet of a teenage boy. Essentially I eat pizza, curry and sandwiches with healthy fillings such as chicken nuggets or sausages. Occasionally I'll throw in crumpets or toast. So imagine just how nutritious my Christmas was! I'm not going to pretend that my diet is going to get some massive overhaul but I am going to make sure I add daily fruit and veg. I make sure my daughter has plenty of the good stuff on her plate so I need to do the same for me (peppers and sweetcorn on pizza counts, right?!).

  • Take a break from my phone
Something I think a lot of us do well in the festive season is to be more in the moment. We spend quality time with our loved ones, our friends and family. And I loved it! Part of that for me was putting down my phone. Getting off social media and paying attention. My plan is to start putting my phone down and being present. It's also going away by 9pm week nights. OK, maybe 9.30pm... Mindless scrolling through insta and Facebook is not helping me get the sleep I could well do with! 

  • Do more of what I love
I'm going to try really hard to spend some time doing what I love. Making time for what it is that's important to me. Spending time with my daughter, my friends and family, reading and walking. Doing more things for me - self care, putting my feet up and relaxing seems OK at Christmas and is actively encouraged. So why not now? 

Now I'm not saying this to do list or any of the simple acts on it will  make the January blues disappear. It won't. It's still going to be cold, grey and a little depressing. But I'm hoping it'll help make January just a smidge less shit! And hey, if it works I may just continue it into February...

Written by Susan @pizza.for.tea


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