19 January 2018

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Dressing Like A Mum

This is actually one of my pet hates when I'm asked for advice on dressing for the school run or similar.

My answer to this is just be you. It might have felt like a long time ago but we existed as a stand alone person before we became parents so why should we let being a parent define who we are or our style?

The thing I love most about style is that anything goes! It's a very
personal thing and you should wear what you want when you want.

That said if you're reading this and you're a new mum shrouded in Muslin cloths and baby sick then let me tell you, better days are
coming...these days are called the school years! 

The first six months of having a new baby are where I think you are really at danger of losing yourself.  I know I did. You aren't the priority anymore, your new little person is so you sacrifice buying yourself anything new (perhaps you've also not shed your baby weight yet too) and live in the uniform of leggings, the safety net of your maternity jeans and long line tops or breastfeeding friendly clothes.

As time goes on you will spend your days in whatever's comfiest to roll around on the floor in and start chasing after the little bundle...and as for heels...what on earth are they? A pair of flat boots at best are a luxury these days. 

I remember I'd end up very hot in whatever I wore be it from running after them or just that sheer panic in a restaurant when they start screaming and you think everyone's looking thinking 'shut that baby up' or they decide they want to repeatedly throw the contents of the table on the floor (because it's hilarious isn't it mummy).

It all changed for me when preschool days came. I suddenly found myself with time to myself... What an odd concept...and able to leave the house without having to push a buggy and think of a changing bag and all its contents. I could finally put something on with the knowledge that I wouldn't have to pick up a wriggly toddler which would always result in a creased blouse or with the residue of a soggy (always orange) puff snack all over it. 

I started loving clothes again knowing I could put on a fitted jacket and not need to worry about restricted movement  (well until it was collection time of course). I started experimenting with
clothes again and gradually started to become ME again.

Sometimes I feel like us mum's end up stereo typed into dungaree wearing converse clad frumps  (not that there's anything wrong with that - I own both on on days where I feel like it I wear this) but also it seems frowned upon on at the school gates  if we dare look like we've made an effort. 

If you always had nice hair and makeup BC (before children) why
should it stop because you had kids? If you've always loved wearing
heels why should you have to change that to do the school run?

Nowadays I'm usually found in my gym gear but if I do have plans I will wear what makes me Feel like me. I've had some looks over the years and been asked how I manage to look so glam at 8am... purely because it takes 5 mins to brush your hair and pop a bit of bronzer on and if that's what makes you feel human then why feel like you can't do that cos the other mum's will frown upon it?! 

There's nothing worse than when people say 'ooh where are you off to?' It's kind of like a back handed compliment... like you can't just look nice you must be going somewhere!? No babes, this is
just who I am!

So my best advice is dress however you wish, make an effort if you
wish and equally don't feel you have to! Just be you and wear what makes you feel comfortable (even if it's something uncomfortable ).

If you're really stuck for inspo one of my 'go to' school run looks is a pair of tailored joggers and a lovely pair of sneakers. You can team these with a simple t-shirt or blouse for a luxury leisure look.

Written by Cressida @the_chic_petite 

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