4 January 2018

Peanut App

London, December 2017: Meet Peanut, the newly launched app created to help new mums and mums-to-be connect. Aimed at a mobile-first generation of women, Peanut is a smart and chic solution for mothers to chat, meet up with, and learn from like minded women, who are mums. Founded by Michelle Kennedy, who gained recognition in the tech industry by successfully transforming globally renowned dating platform Badoo and integral to launching Bumble.  Peanut is set to transform the way new mothers meet and interact.

As a mum, Michelle did not relate to the traditional ‘mum’ products on the market. Her friends were hanging out in clubs at 2am while she was trawling blogs trying to find out why her baby wouldn't sleep. Struggling to meet other like-minded mums whilst working, Michelle decided to use her vast experience in social networks to make a product that makes being a mum a little less lonely. Peanut aims to build a community of women where they can meet, share experiences and arrange meetups. Michelle believes in connecting women because they genuinely have things in common, not just because they’re mums - motherhood isn’t all about Pampers and pastel shades, and women don’t have to lose or change their identity just because they’re new mums.

Peanut’s co-founder and CTO, Greg Orlowski (co-founder and former CTO of Deliveroo), has built an algorithm that helps connect women based on commonalities such as interests, mutual friends, languages, the age and gender of their children, and educational background amongst other things. The app utilises machine learning and a smart algorithm to understand how each user engages with the app. This personalises the experience and helps create more meaningful connections.

Using GPS location, Peanut’s ‘discover’ function will help users find mums nearby who have common interests. The app also includes various features designed to make the experience as seamless as possible, including group chats, the ability to suggest and poll meetup times, send invites and add them straight into users’ calendars. Since its launch, Peanut has over 185k female members, generating over 17 million swipes.

In November 2017, Peanut closed a successful seed investment round led by Sweet Capital Investment, who founded the gaming app Candy Crush, and Sound Ventures, the venture capital firm founded by A-lister Ashton Kutcher.

Peanut is available to download for free on iOS here and on Android here.

Peanut is a London-based company founded by Michelle Kennedy and Greg Orlowski.

Michelle Kennedy played a major role in the success of two dating apps - Badoo and Bumble - and has unprecedented experience and understanding of the safety and growth elements of building a social product. She has a 3 yr old boy and was inspired to create Peanut after struggling to meet other mothers she could relate to.

Greg, who is also a new parent, is familiar with the world of startups having co-founded online food delivery service Deliveroo where he served as CTO and Board Director. He has a wealth of experience leading engineering projects across multiple industries.

In June 2017, Peanut was chosen as the debut ‘Meet the Developer’ content piece for the launch of the new App Store and iOS.

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