9 February 2018

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A little bit about us.

Hub is an integrated Health and Fitness clinic in Clapham Common that was created by Tom, an osteopath with a passion for all things health and sports related.

I joined the Hub team after graduating as an osteopath - with a strong interest in Women's health, conception and pregnancy. I had always had an interest in sports, having grown up in Verbier, Switzerland and worked as a ski instructor.

After treating what we thought was too many injuries in new mums and mums to be that we thought could have been prevented, we decided to create a programme that would do just that: help women stay healthy, active and moving well throughout pregnancy in order to prevent the type of injuries that occurred when a new mums suddenly had to sit and feed a baby for hours in one hand whilst carrying heavy car seats and baby bags in the other!

And that's how Hub Pregnancy was born; offering mums-to-be and new mums a combination of osteopathy and massage, nutrition and brilliant fitness classes just for them - and ongoing support from the team and the other members of the Hub Pregnancy community.

Hub Pregnancy

We heard from many of our patients that apart from pregnancy yoga and pregnancy pilates, there was no real pregnancy fitness class offered to them. So we put together fun, engaging and challenging pre and post-natal fitness classes combining mobility, cardiovascular, strength and core work, aiming at keeping your body strong and injury-free during pregnancy and in preparation for lifting/carrying/breastfeeding your baby.

The classes are kept small, only 6 people maximum, so Tom and I can keep an eye on everyone in the class and give them the attention they need or adapt the exercises when needed. As osteopaths, we are in a great position to ensure that every exercise is safe and beneficial to every person in the class. The classes are fun and friendly and all the ladies who've attended so far got on really well - whilst still working up a sweat.

The aim with the osteopathy and massage, is to ensure that you are moving well and staying injury-free, or address any injuries that might already be present. As Osteopaths we will look at your overall health and how your whole body functions, instead of focusing on just one part of it. Now is a great time to make sure that they are no restrictions in the hips, pelvis and back in particular, as these are the main areas of complaints for pregnant women who come see us for treatment.

In the last few weeks of pregnancy we can work with you to achieve optimal foetal positioning - removing any restrictions or asymmetries in the mother's body that could prevent the baby from settling in a head down position in preparation for birth.

In the Pregnancy specific nutrition sessions, the aim is to ensure that you, and also the baby when you are pregnant, are getting the right nutrients at the right time in the pregnancy. Having the appropriate nutritional intake in each trimester will help with many things such as your energy levels, your sleep and your mood!
Here is the link to our website:

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