23 February 2018

Becoming an Egg Donor!

Giving life a helping hand!!

So last week I decided to do something I had never even thought about until I was scrolling online and an add came up for being an egg donor, and how you get paid £750! 

I’m not going to lie I was like oh wow £750, so I decided to look into it all and read about it, then I realised how naive I had been to it all. I had only ever thought about men being donors and never women, how stupid of me. I realised that there is a major shortage of egg donors.

I continued to look into it and then contacted a fertility clinic who sent me lots of information on the process of it all, and it certainly opened my eyes (and made my tummy turn slightly, in what you have to do to be an egg donor.) 

But the money didn’t really matter so much now I felt that I wanted to help. Be it for a single person, same sex couple, or a couple who can’t conceive due to age or difficulties. It didn’t matter why I just wanted to see if I could help them feel what I felt when I had my own children.

So I decided to arrange an appointment and see what it was all about. Last week I went and met with a consultant who went through the process in a bit more detail, and asked if I was still interested in being a donor. I said if I can help someone have a child of there own then yes. She asked if I minded doing a blood test there and then to save me going back. This was to see if my levels of AMH (ovarian reserve) were what they required. She then gave me a pack with all the information and I was on my way; I would get a phone call to tell if my levels were high enough.

So a few days later she phoned and said my levels were fine, and was I still interested in carrying on. 

I now have my next appointment next week.

I’ve spoke with a few of my friends and family and have had lots of different reactions. Some see  that if a baby was to be born then it would be mine. But I don’t see this at all. I’m giving a couple or even a single person a chance to have a family that can’t do so without my help. Yes it would be my DNA but I wouldn’t be his/her Mum or Dad, they would be. I am helping create the life of a child but for a family that crave to have one, that cant.

It is also possible for the child if born to contact me through an agency when they are 18 and you have to be OK with this as well. But as I say above I am the donor not the mother. I feel this is very important as if I was to have any other way of thinking about this then I shouldn’t be a donor. 

If the parents of the child felt the need to tell them and they did knock on my door then I would cross that bridge when I came to it. I’m giving them life but not bringing them up. They may have some of my features but they would have there parents to inspire them, and show them the way of life which will make them the person they will become.

I now await my next appointment for the next stage to see if I am a suitable donor. Its quite a long process so here’s to the next stage of helping give someone a chance of having a family.

Written by Vicki @vickismartie 


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