13 February 2018

Feature: Slimming World Recipes

Fluffy Pancakes and syrup for 2 syns!!!!

Fluffy Oat Pancakes


40g Porridge Oats (Healthy Extra B)
2 Medium eggs
1 Large banana
Vanilla essence
Maple Syrup (1 tbsp for 2 syns)
Caramel essence/ flavouring
Few sprays of Fry Light (whichever you have/ prefer)


Measure and weigh the oats.

Separate the eggs, put the yolks in with the oats and the whites in a different bowl.

To the yolks and oats, add a couple drops of vanilla essence.

Beat the whites in a separate bowl until semi stiff peaks form.

Fold the yolks into the oat mixture. Don’t stir as this will knock all the air out.

Also use a metal spoon for this.

Once mixed, set aside and wait for a frying pan to heat. With a few sprays of Fry Light.

Once heated through, spoon the mixture into the pan. Flip when starting to turn golden.

Mix quark with caramel essence/ flavouring.

Slice the banana and layer with the pancakes.

A dollop of the flavoured quark on top.

Then drizzle over the tbsp of maple syrup for 2 syns.

The mixture will look quite heavy/ fluffy  before it cooks and then once it’s done, they are so fluffy.

This is my favourite Sunday breakfast treat. Could also easily be had as a desert.

Add any fruit to this when serving.

Just remember if you put the fruit into the pancakes, cooked fruit has syns!!

For more recipes or to spy on my weight loss my SW instagram is @bex.does.sw and my personal one is @_furno.


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