22 February 2018

How to make chores fun for kids!

How many times do you have to tell your kids to clean their room and overall help around the home. Kids just don’t find chores as something that is fun and they are not the only one, unless you are one of those people. Chores are dull, but they have to be done, and children have to get used to them if they are going to grow up being one-hundred percent responsible adults. But let’s keep things kid friendly and figure out how to appropriate chores to be fun for kids.

First of all, set a fun atmosphere. Turn on some music. Cleaning in dreadful silence gets kind of awkward sometimes. So turn up the speakers and pump up yours and your children’s favourite songs. Allow everyone to be a DJ, and let them play what they want, they will get involved into the music and indulge into the chores with brimming energy. Remember that fast pace songs are key to doing cleaning chores and overall everything, a lot faster. So pick a favourite genre, weather it is electronic dance music, hip-hop, pop-music or anything else, as long as it is safe for your children to listen to, then let the party begin.

After the mood is set we present to your attention one very fun way to make your kids do some chores barely realising it. It starts with you picking any colour, and then telling your kid “Pick all the yellow clothes you have and put them in one place.”, or “Find all of your red toys and collect them in a box.” Your child will start running around and searching for the proper items. You can take the game to the next level by saying: “Find all of your soldiers and cars in the house” proper for boys, or if you have a girl “Collect your stuffed animals and arrange them on your bed”. This is a fun way to make your child tidy up the messes they leave all over the house, and they find it amusing, because they have an exact task, which will make them think faster when deciding which objects fall in each category.

Allow your child to choose the chores that they want. Make a list of all of the available tasks and let them pick which ones they want to do. If you have more than one kid, they can play rock, paper, scissors to see who picks the first one and next week, the other child is next to pick first. When kids get to pick their own tasks, they are the ones in control and don’t have anything being forced on them, they will be a lot more happier this way and do their best to upholdthe cleaning tasks that they have assigned to themselves.

Teach your kids how the chores they have to do are carried out. Don’t just tell them to do something and leave them to figure it out themselves. If you do that, this can only lead to two final results – your child gives up or makes an even bigger mess. It is so much harder and frustrating to do something that you have no idea how it’s done, imagine how your child feels. If your child doesn’t know how to complete a chore and you keep nagging them about it, this could effect their way of thinking and leave them thinking that they are incompetent at these tasks, and that is definitely not true.

To sum everything up, make sure you set an atmosphere and make your home feel very open and the air light. Get your kids to be ambitious about completing every single tasks. Allow your kids to pick their own chores and don’t forget to teach them how to do these chores.

Written by Zowie Ashton


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