21 February 2018


  • Survey of children aged 3-11 reveals Disneyland with free rides as their dream home
  • David Attenborough, edible walls and house robots top the list
  • Magic homework rooms, sausage-llama pets and dinosaur parks also favourite features for kids

A new video ( reveals what would happen if children were in charge of designing our homes.

We’d all be living in tree-houses made from multi-coloured bricks and castles made from cake and sweets, according to homebuilder Strata.

Magic homework rooms that complete the work for you, trampoline floors bouncing you between rooms and sausage-llamas for pets were high on the list of priorities, as well as a petting zoo in the garden where David Attenborough works. One practical child even wanted 12 toilets so he never had to queue.

Strata asked more than 2,000 children aged 3-11 to describe their perfect home with no restrictions on creativity and imagination.

Top 10 kid’s dream home features include;

  1. Magic homework room that does the work for you
  2. Water slide staircase so you never have to walk
  3. Dinosaur park with its very own scientist
  4. Trampoline floors to bounce from room-to-room
  5. House robot
  6. Sausage-llama as a pet
  7. Christmas market all year round
  8. Petting zoo where David Attenborough works
  9. Shark tank
  10. Twelve toilets so no-one ever has to queue

Living inside Disneyland is also a dream for most, just as long as all the characters are there and the rides are free.

Almost 60% of children wanted to replace traditional kitchens with a sweet shop and ice cream parlour, where they’d have unlimited access to sugary treats.

One in four want a water park in their garden, closely followed by a zoo filled with exotic animals.

If not Disneyland, girls want to live in a beautiful castle at the top of a hill, with almost one third (32%) dreaming of this, whereas boys prefer the thought of living in a super-cool treehouse.

When it comes to materials, boys want their treehouse to be made from multi-coloured building blocks, whilst girls dream of edible chocolate walls covered in glitter and rainbows.

If homes had special powers, most children want their home to fly and teleport anywhere in the world in a single second. Invisibility and time travel were also top choices for one in every five.

When given the chance to invite their favourite people and characters to live with them, The Minions came out on top with over one third of children wanted to live with the little yellow friends.

To watch the video and see the unveiled dream homes, visit:

Strata is an established home builder with 16 developments across Yorkshire and the Midlands and head offices in Doncaster. Chief Executive Andrew Weaver is the fourth generation of the family to run the business alongside his father, Chairman Irving Weaver.

  • Data collected via a nationwide survey of over 2000 children aged 3-10 conducted by Censuswide, on behalf of Strata. Video interviews were also conducted with eight children aged 4-11 to collate the additional list of dream home ideas. 


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