18 February 2018

The BIG is in the small. Remember it all.

An untouched breakfast bowl, a left-over Cheerio, and an endless supply of bolognaise
The meals I cook for one sitting, a sock not quite fitting, I take heed that everything’s a phase
Dinosaur roars, filthy paws and sitting on the top while I cook
Kneeling on chairs, sit nicely and eat your food glares and making me read 1,2,3,4,5 plus books
Yoghurts galore, just one more, ‘sorry mum it’s squirted all over the place’
A scrape of a chair, fingers in the chocolate lair and ‘ok then I’ll do anything for that face’
Blowing bubbles, endless cuddles, follow the leader round the kitchen wall
Pokemon swaps, a Heart FM bop, chasing each other until an inevitable fall
Lego men, counting to ten and hiding in the most obvious places known to man
A wild half hour, a battle of power and an empty threat of a chocolate ban
Bath time, bath crime, throwing a flannel at full pelt in a face
Three in the bath, a hearty laugh and bare bums running wild in a pyjama race
Superheroes versus trolls, naked dolls, crazy slippers and a beautiful big bouffant of hair
Five minutes pass, I’m absorbed in your laughs, I’m a zombie watching you both in a fixed stare
Your brother is your hero, he’s back at zero, your sister drives you round the bend
You share with her a book, a mischievous look, your sister is now your best friend
Power ranger suits, pepper pig boots and lining up rows of figures every night
Let’s get through the day, let’s get through the week, thank god Friday is in sight
The weekend flew, I’ll play with both of you, an eye poke, a tackle, and a fight
Shushing dolly, lugging around a mini mouse brolly, lazy Sundays and arguing who was right
Another school morning, a time out warning, we’ve wished away the rainy months
Summers arrived, as parents we’ve survived another round of party price tags and birthday bumps
Partners in crime, Shimmer & Shine, these four walls are closing in
Days that fly, they pass me by. How can I be sure to remember the little things?
I pause, take thought, breath for a moment and open my eyes
I look around the toys, the plastic debris and see real life’s beauty in all its domestic disguise
It’s not in the tomorrow, in the scheduled ‘first’s’ or the four smiles placed in that frame on the wall
It’s in the everyday ordinary, the here and now, it’s not only the big but the small
Of the memories we make, I know the ones I’ll take
But, they may not be the ones you grow up remembering at all
So, alongside the big, I’ll do my best to be present in the small
When you talk about your childhood together, I hope you look back like every day was a ball.
Written by @maxedoutmumma

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