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22 March 2018

NIGHT TERRORS - what I have learnt so far....


15 March 2018

13 March 2018

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DIY Foosball game for your kid from an old shoebox

The game I am about to share with you is a great game you can do with your children which is extraordinary. With this foosball game, you can offer your children something different. The foosball table is awesome and very simple game that everyone can play. But, to buy foosball table can be very expensive, because most cheap foosball tables cost from $100 to $200. So, this is a great opportunity for you to make a cool DIY project with your children, save some money and teach your children some new skills plus, develop children's creativity.


9 March 2018

International Women's Day from Bad Mum


Travel Feature by Ruby

Hey everyone,

I celebrated my 21st birthday this January and amongst lots of other lovely gifts my Mum booked us a weekend in Prague. Although I've not been blogging much lately this is definitely something I want to write about and kickstart Bad Mum's travel section!

I dropped Iza (my son) at nursery in the morning, ready for his Dad to pick him up for their boys weekend together, I'd already stocked up on their favourite snacks and knew they'd have lots of fun. Then I met my Mum at the train station (by the skin of my teeth!) where we headed to Heathrow. As we were travelling by train we left plenty of time to allow for any delays but everything went really smoothly so we got to the airport really early.

As I got in the queue to check-in my Mum walked off and told me to keep our space so I did and when it was our turn she came running back with the news that she'd upgraded us both to First Class! I was so excited because I love flying already and knew this would make our short trip even more enjoyable. After check in we went to the BA lounge which I would recommend to anybody who is travelling with British Airways from Heathrow to upgrade to! The food was amazing and its great to have somewhere to chill before you fly, they also had a separate family friendly area which was lovely for young children.

Unfortunately on the flight I got really bad motion sickness (nothing to do with the gins I'd had!). I never used to get travel sick but I suffered really badly in pregnancy and was sick on almost every flight I went on. Luckily, the cabin crew had some sickness tablets and once I took those I was fine so I'm definitely going to purchase them for the future because I've always loved flying and don't never got sick/nervous at all so its really weird when I do, I'll link them here incase any of you guys want to get them too.

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