7 March 2018


As the seasons change I find that it can often feel like I’m in survival mode (quite literally in this weather) with my wardrobe until spring or summer is in sight. I get to a point where I refuse to buy any more winter stuff especially as the shops are starting to fill with Spring/Summer so I’ve been getting by with what I’ve got and with a few key pieces you can make it through too.

I take this vow after Xmas (I’ve even started buying the odd item for my Holidays) so that when the (long) winter finally draws to a close and Spring veers it’s pretty little head as unpredictably as these changes decide to creep up on us in this country (because we all know how dreadfully unprepared for drastic change in weather us Brits are), you have a few pieces to start you off.

So here are my top "survival" items to see your closet though until then:

Dungarees - a staple for anyone - this is a classic Mum uniform but I love to mix mine with coloured jumpers, boots or sneakers. When you’re feeling uninspired you can always count on a pair of dungarees to lift your mood. They’re simple and fun and require minimal effort (except when you quickly need the loo)!

Chunky knit - you can’t beat an oversized chunky knit to throw on for chilly days, especially for the school run. Even better is a chunky cardigan which you can throw over the dungarees too!

Denim shirt
- go for an oversized style to double up as a jacket. I throw mine over everything!

Mum jeans
- easy ware! Dress them up or down.

Tailored jogger - How can you make joggers look good? Buy a tailored absolute go to for a “casual” day... comfy but chic.

Blazer / leather jacket - needs no explanation! An outfit changer which you can again dress up or down.

Basic tee - to wear with anything in your wardrobe.

High waist trousers - such a flattering fit and can take you from day to night. Also a must for the working woman.

You end up with a capsulated wardrobe that you can mix and match. High waisted trousers I wore recently to dinner but try teaming them with a basic tee and sneakers for the daytime. You can also throw a denim jacket or shirt over your gym gear to make it look a bit more socially acceptable if you need to nip elsewhere in the day. Often I can’t be bothered to change out of my gym gear just for the sake of the school run so I always layer it up with denim or a sweatshirt or just change my work out trainers for a smarter pair of sneakers. I hope this has inspired you to make your wardrobe work for you until next season or invest in some staples maybe you don’t have which you can re-use year on year. Classic colours are great but also don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour here or there to keep things interesting.

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