9 March 2018

Travel Feature by Ruby

Hey everyone,

I celebrated my 21st birthday this January and amongst lots of other lovely gifts my Mum booked us a weekend in Prague. Although I've not been blogging much lately this is definitely something I want to write about and kickstart Bad Mum's travel section!

I dropped Iza (my son) at nursery in the morning, ready for his Dad to pick him up for their boys weekend together, I'd already stocked up on their favourite snacks and knew they'd have lots of fun. Then I met my Mum at the train station (by the skin of my teeth!) where we headed to Heathrow. As we were travelling by train we left plenty of time to allow for any delays but everything went really smoothly so we got to the airport really early.

As I got in the queue to check-in my Mum walked off and told me to keep our space so I did and when it was our turn she came running back with the news that she'd upgraded us both to First Class! I was so excited because I love flying already and knew this would make our short trip even more enjoyable. After check in we went to the BA lounge which I would recommend to anybody who is travelling with British Airways from Heathrow to upgrade to! The food was amazing and its great to have somewhere to chill before you fly, they also had a separate family friendly area which was lovely for young children.

Unfortunately on the flight I got really bad motion sickness (nothing to do with the gins I'd had!). I never used to get travel sick but I suffered really badly in pregnancy and was sick on almost every flight I went on. Luckily, the cabin crew had some sickness tablets and once I took those I was fine so I'm definitely going to purchase them for the future because I've always loved flying and don't never got sick/nervous at all so its really weird when I do, I'll link them here incase any of you guys want to get them too.

Once we landed our driver was at the airport ready to take us to the hotel. Usually, I usually get taxi's from the airport but my Mum had planned the trip down to a T so we had a sick car to pick us up and he knew so much about Prague he was able to give us a mini tour en route!

Our hotel was stunning! It was really classic glam I loved the blush pink walls and giant chandeliers every where it had such a grand feel. The rooms were lovely too and we got upgraded to an executive room on arrival which was huge. It was called hotel Cosmpolitan, next door to the renowned restaurant (called next door! lol), this is where we had breakfast each morning and it was amazing! Such a huge spread and complimentary champagne.

On our first night we went for Thai food, we were really worried it was a dodgy massage place because it was hidden down a little street but we had nothing to worry about ha - everything was legit and the food was lovely. We found food to be quite expensive in touristy areas, as you would expect. But on our walk back on the second day we came across a little Argentinan restaurant and decided to make a reservation there for the evening. I always try to taste local cuisine but I'm deffo not a goulash kinda girl! So we opted for something we knew we would enjoy, and it did not disappoint! It was absolutely gorgeous, so well presented and the restaurant was beautiful it had a really authentic feel with live singers, open kitchen and chill out area for children at the back with a ukelele! It was so cute and such good value for money. We got a starter and a main each (they were honestly the best quality dishes I've had in so long!), 2 alcoholic drinks each and in total it came to about £38 which we thought was really reasonable.

I lost all my pictures of the dinner! So here's a cute 
pic of a Czech 'Bronut' (chocolate brownie shaped as
a donut) instead
In terms of exploring, there is so much to see in Prague! We found it to be soaked in culture, there are over 200 museums and galleries and everywhere has a really gothic/medieval vibe the architecture is amazing. Unfortunately the astronomical clock was having work done so we didn't get to see that, but as our hotel was in Prague old town we had plenty to keep us busy. I would definitely recommend getting a travel guide before you go as there is just so much to see, and too much for me to write about!

On our last night we went to the Sky Bar at the Hilton. It has floor to ceiling windows so you can see the whole of the city which is really pretty. The staff were lovely here and the music was great, it would be even better if they had a dance floor! But its a lovely place to chill and have cocktails, you can get really glammed up or be more low key and still not look out of place it was a lovely atmosphere.

Mum if you're reading, thanks for an amazing trip!! To everyone else, thank you I hope you enjoyed reading, and to all Bad Mum readers I look forward to posting for you again soon! I've got lots of summer pieces on the way all about travelling with babies and holiday tips!


Written by Ruby @ruby_natalia 


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