27 April 2018

Becoming an Egg Donor - Part Three!

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26 April 2018

Comparison Parenting


25 April 2018

Comedian and Children’s Author David Walliams named Judge of the 10th National Young Writers’ Awards!

Free writing competition for children aged four to 14 with the theme of HEROES
Winners awarded a trip to Disneyland Paris and £500 of books for their school
Best-selling Author and Comedian David Walliams is this year’s incredible judge who will surprise the winner at their school! 


24 April 2018

When you have everyone and no one...!

Fourteen months off came to an end for me at the beginning of this year. 13 of those months were just incredible, yep I include the sleepless nights and initial issues with breastfeeding in all of that, I was just on some kind of constant new Mum high. I’ve found motherhood a completely challenging and liberating experience. Something I doubt it’ll ever stop being.

I had to throw myself straight into work. None of this steady progress in. I didn’t have any keeping in touch (KIT) days. Of course they were offered, I just couldn’t take them. Most of you will know they aren’t compulsory anyways, but they do help you ease back into having adult conversations about non-baby topics and focusing on ‘work’ stuff. I couldn’t use them because I had no childcare. The moment I did, was the moment I went back to work. Until then, it was just me and my husband and well… that’s it!

We are surrounded by lots of family and friends. My husband is one of five, and there’s plenty of nieces and nephews. I’m one of three. But it’s only now 17 months on I realise how sad it is that we are surrounded by everyone and no one.



"Are you sure it's not twins in there?" The woman in the lift asked the expectant mum to be. I looked up just to catch the expression of the pregnant lady, who smiled coyly and laughed in the same way you do when you bang your funny bone.

Let me set the scene slightly differently: Two women in a lift, one says to the other "God you look huge, who ate all the pies?" Well that's just totally unacceptable isn't it? To comment on a persons size in such an upfront manner yet when we see a pregnant lady all social etiquette seem to go flying out the window. Why is this?

For me pregnancy is a personal journey, it's a private journey and it's a totally unique journey to each individual.

I have been lucky enough to have three pretty straightforward pregnancies, carrying to full term with little hiccups along the way (well the girl caused a few hiccups or shall we say large burps but that's a whole other blog post). In a nutshell I was fortunate enough to carry on as normal with my day to day life and pay little attention to my growing bump. And frankly that's how I liked it, my first pregnancy was a huge surprise or as the Earth mums say "a happy accident". -insert rolling eyes here- and so it wasn't a part of my immediate plans thus throwing me off balance and re routing me totally!! 

I'll be blunt and say I didn't want children or at least hadn't planned for them, I was selfish and ambitious and knew nothing about kids nor did I like them much! So perhaps my feelings towards pregnancy stem from my feelings of being a fraud, feeling inadequate. What did I know about being a mum? I remember asking my own mum "what if I don't like it? What if it doesn't like me?" She obviously laughed and thought it was ridiculous I would even question such a thing! But I wasn't kidding, I'd never met this person, so who was to say I'd like them?? What if I didn't experience that immediate love at first sight as soon as my baby was placed on me?

I didn't like my changing body either! I was used to being slim and athletic, having trained as a dancer my entire life I was confident in the skin I was used to! (That said I always hated my boobs so I did enjoy my D cups while they lasted!) I felt uncomfy in my clothes and in fact lived in an oversized tracksuit most of the time! So am I the only one?? Am I a freak of some kind because I didn't take bump pics? Am I abnormal because I didn't feel a huge connection to my growing baby? I didn't update social media with my pregnancy news, I didn't want to bore anyone to be honest. In fact social media didn't know I was pregnant, my pictures were strategic, a floral maxi dress, a large handbag or a child cuddling me all worked well as my many disguises throughout my term.


18 April 2018

Gemma Wade, You Say Tomato Cooking


Done at One?

The feelings are so changeable I can’t even keep up with myself. The daily thought spins around inside my head like a washing machine on steroids. My heart tells me one thing and my head says another whilst my body literally wants to shut up shop. Some days it’s a positive, some days ‘it’s a no from me’ and other days (most days) I simply don’t have an answer to the biggest question of the moment. Am I done at one?

Will I have another baby? Not just any baby but an HG (Hyperemesis gravidarum) baby? Because there’s an 86% chance that’s exactly what I’ll have.
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