16 April 2018

3 reasons why I would rather give birth than have a toothache!

So for the past 10 days, I have been in utter agony. I have had a monumental toothache! Abscess, infection the works. I have felt like someone has bludgeoned my face with a baseball bat. I haven’t been able to move my face, my glands have swollen to the size of plums, I have been exhausted, I haven’t been able to sleep or eat and have lost almost half a stone. Now you are probably thinking “What the F has this chat got to do with birth Hol?”

Well I will let you into a secret: I would rather give birth than have this kind of toothache ever again!

I had 3 pretty vivid birth flashback at the height of toothache gate. And it got me thinking about how birth is all kinds of wonderful compared to this crappy toothache!


I had been in the bath, curled up with my face in the water. OH MY, the relief from the pain was idyllic. And it got me thinking about birth pools. I fricking loved hauling my big pregnant butt in the birth pool! It felt safe and warming and instantly relaxed me. That deeply ingrained subconscious reality, that taking a bath (as an adult) is a relaxing indulgence. The minute you step in, you sigh, your whole body sighs and there is a real letting go of all tension.

This is why water is a great pain reliever, and reduces the likelihood of needing an epidural.

Immersing yourself in water can also be very centring. Drawing your focus inwards, helping you to connect with the sensations your body is experiencing and also connecting with your baby.


Birth is a really intense sensation, but it is natural. Toothache and the pain in my face has been flipping relentless. And I have felt out of control. Even though I am able to hone in on all of the amazing relaxation techniques, visualisations and breathing techniques I felt like this pain was bigger than me and that was unsettling.

Is birth going to be pain free for you? Probably not. But I can speak from my own experience when I say, my surges were 4 minutes apart for about 28 hours getting stronger and stronger and I felt in control. I felt confident in this natural process my body could handle. I trusted in my own abilities to give birth like a legend. The ebbs and flows of birth felt right. Full on and strong and I felt powerful not powerless.


Listen to your intuition. If I had quietened down a few things in my life, you know what, all the signs of a flare up in my mouth were there. A few niggles when I had noshed a load of chocolate, my jaw had been feeling swollen, my face had some nasty uncharacteristic breakouts even for me the queen of the hormonal break out. And I chose not to listen. And now there is all sorts of chat flying around about re-root canals or tooth extraction! SHIT!

When it comes to birth, your instincts are right, take heed Mama. If you want to move, then move. You are creating life and need no permission to do things your own way, If you want to roar, then roar. If you want to snog the face of your hubby for a shot of Oxytocin then do it. Birth is yours to OWN my lovely!

So that is why I would rather push a human out of my party zone than have a raging infection in my face. I guess the crux of it hangs in the fact that the nuances of birth are easy to navigate with a little bit of know how! As for toothache, well I kicked that cheeky bugger into touch with a cheeky dose of antibiotics, a good cry, painkillers and a whole heap of willpower.

Written by Holly @thenaturalbirthclub


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