27 April 2018

Becoming an Egg Donor - Part Three!

Photo credit: Institut Marques

So on my last visit I was given the number for a counsellor so I could arrange an appointment for me and my husband to go and have a meeting to see if we were sane enough (how we passed I will never know!) So I phoned and an appointment was made very quickly, and they even did it on a Saturday to make it easier for us.

Yes I did say me and my partner as he has to agree to me being an egg donor. I kind of understand why as of the fact that a person could come and find me when they are 18, and also the fact that our children will also have a genetic connection if a child was made. But apart from that I felt why? My body, my decision. Do men that are married and go to a sperm bank have to get permission from there wives? So, yes I did ask this question. Her answer at this clinic it would be the same if he was donating here but she wasn’t sure at a sperm bank!! Guess it’s something I should look into. It could also affect your partner when you start the IVF with your hormones etc (divorce on its way ha-ha!) I also got the chance to ask any questions I had which was helpful. But she passed us and said we was normal!

After the counselling I saw Sarah who gave me all my results of my blood tests etc which were all fine so she said I was good to go if I wanted to continue. Throughout it all they always ask this and if you are OK with everything. I was then given the contraceptive pill and was told to take the second day of my menstrual cycle. They said they would now start looking for recipients and match them to taking the pill, and then it would all begin. They said I may have to take the next pack of the pill but to continue with no break. So now I’m awaiting a phone call to start the next stage.

I have been worrying about starting the IVF as you can retain water and can gain weight, and I will be the one that does. With my last pregnancy I retained lots of water and this is why I’m worrying. I may be fine but they say you may have PMT symptoms which I have never really suffered with so I may experience it more but then again I may be fine! So to help just in case I want to make sure I eat well, so I will follow a food plan for this. It is also so my eggs are as healthy as they can be for the recipient.

So now I am just waiting to hear back and to start the next stage. So happy I am able to do this and help a couple of even a single person potentially have there own child. What better gift!!

Written by Vicki. 


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