4 April 2018


So I had my second appointment at the clinic. I’m not going to lie I was a tad nervous as it was an ultrasound but an internal ultrasound to assess the ovaries and number of resting follicles present.  

So there I was legs a limbo in stirrups but thankfully with a sheet over me which the nurse gave me before the doctor came in. She chatted away to me telling me what I was doing was a truly amazing and great thing to do which was nice and calming. Then in he came with his ultrasound equipment which to be honest looked like something out of a Ann summers catalogue. 

He was really nice chatted away and barely even lifted the sheet and did all the measurements and things he needed to do, and it was done. 

It wasn’t actually that bad to be fair. A smear test is worse.

Afterwards we went to his office where he told me I was a perfect match and explained a few things in more detail and then said they would probably do some more blood tests to check blood group, HIV, hepatitis c, cystic fibrosis, chromosomes analysis, etc. 

I’m not the easiest person to get blood out of but the nurse did it by eventually feeling one of my veins and took lots of little tubes of blood. They also took a urine sample for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. They were very quick and did the bloods the same day to make it easier for me, so I didn’t have to go back again for them.

I saw the lady I saw originally who gave me some more forms to fill out and she said that I was doing a great thing and I should be very proud of myself. While I sat  there I saw a tree which had lots of hearts on it with all the children’s names on with the birth weights. This just amazed me at how many people had been helped through egg donors, IVF, etc. Truly inspiring.

I was also given the number to see the councillor and was told I needed to arrange an appointment with her and my husband would need to attend as he has to agree to what I am doing which in my opinion is completely wrong, as it is my body so should be my choice and my choice alone. 

Do I have to agree if he is a sperm donor at a sperm bank? These were questions I would be asking!!

Written by Vicki


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