19 April 2018

Super Woman? Super Tired!

OK so for just over 3 months I have been a mummy. There have been tears (not just from the baby), tantrums & teething. 

For the last three months I feel like I have been juggling whilst sat on a deck chair that’s balancing on top of a yoga ball, trying to find the right balance of being the perfect mum. All whilst getting the washing done, keeping our home clean, attempting to have sex and even getting dressed of a day can seem god damn impossible, when some days I don't have the time to brush my teeth never mind get dressed! 

It is hard being a mum, you sacrifice a lot of things for your child, like food, time, and even a shower! Some days your sanity! But everyday you do it because you love them more than anything in this world. Some days I manage to get three loads of washing done, hoover up, change my clothes, prepare dinner, fit in a quick home work out, whilst looking after my baby which makes me think to myself 'oo girl you're killing' it!' Then the next day I could be sat in the same position from 7.30 am 5.30 pm from doing what feels like back to back feeds, I’m still wearing my pyjamas, all I've eaten is a rice cake and managed to drink a cup of coffee (Cold! I thought I could drink it whilst feeding my baby - I thought wrong!)

But if I manage to brush my teeth before 3pm I consider it a bonus. I feel like I'm living two separate lives, one day i'm some Wonder Woman Octopus Mummy Robot and the next day I'm some blob morphed into my couch looking like I’ve just escaped from One Flew Over The Cookoo's nest.

My partner works nights so we are like passing ships, he goes to work of a night, and sleeps of a day, but he is a brilliant dad. I feel bad for him sometimes when he gets up at 6pm and I still look the exact same way I did the night before when he left for work. And when I do intend to be sexy my period shows up, which I’ve been having every two weeks since giving birth! I can't win.

My point in this blog is, why do we beat ourselves up over these things? Can't get the washing done today? Guess what, its still gonna be there tomorrow. Didn't get the chance to polish the skirting boards or hoover up? Guess what, its not important, You didn't  get chance to get a shower, its fine its a scientific fact that letting your hair get a little greasy is healthy for your hair. You didn't get the gym or manage to work out? You ate that stale Christmas chocolate at the back of the fridge? So what, start again tomorrow or Monday (that old chestnut.) Can't have sex because of your cock block period? Give your man a blow job, or even better tell him you've got a cold, you can't breathe through your nose so how on earth are you meant to do it without dying? 

Why do all these things matter to us? Why are we so hard on ourselves? Is your child fed and watered? YES! Is your child bathed and clean clothed? YES! Is your child loved? Unconditionally! So why do we beat ourselves up ladies? We're doing a great job whether we've got a curly blow or 4 day grease bound hair! 

Don't let anyone judge you, don't compare yourself to anyone, don't sit on Instagram putting yourself down; that girl with the new born who manages to make it out the house everyday with perfect winged liner and a hair not out of place, I guarantee you her life isn't like that 24/7. We only put on what we want people to see we don't share with the world the days we've not changed our knickers, we've still got yesterday's mascara under our eyes and you're covered in baby piss. But that's fine no one is forcing you to share that with the world. And that person who posts the 'perfect' pictures tell her she looks good, I'm sure she has days exactly like you. Woman should be bigging each other up. There's certainly not enough of that going on in the world.

Wonder Woman doesn't wear a cape, she wears her 3 year old Christmas pyjamas and washed out comfy knickers, she feeds everyone before feeding herself, she holds her shit in for four hours because she doesn't want to disturb her baby, she eats her beans on toast whilst holding her baby and maybe she does accidentally drop a Heinz bean on the baby but that's fine too.

Life's too short, laugh the bad days off, cry when you need to, you're doing amazing!

Written by Laura @Yomummauk


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