25 May 2018

5 Mommy duties that I am willing to swap.

I love being a mommy despite the countless war sessions I have with my 4 year old. I love the way he rises up to my arguments and has his own views on my ways of the world. I am also guilty of stooping down to a level that is sometimes lower than his age, just to vent out my irritation.


22 May 2018



18 May 2018

How (and why) to have an amazing Monday!


There's nothing lucky about it (but I sure am grateful!)

I am lucky to have my partner, he is (mostly) wonderful. Where I refuse to say I’m lucky is he does do the laundry and gets the changing bag ready- all by himself-  if he takes our daughter out, which he often does. I am not the lucky one, we all are- the three of us: to be able to build and lead this life together, as a family. To have two parents share responsibility for our daughter and be able to follow our separate career dreams: that’s fortunate. Oh, and the result of some careful thought and planning. So, the aim is: our daughter will grow up knowing her worth and capabilities are not defined by gender, seeing both parents do the housework and chores and -more importantly- doing other things that bring them joy. 


15 May 2018

BAD MOTHER campaign!


Post Natal Depression

Here’s another one for M A T E R N A L | M E N T A L | H E A L TH | M A T T E R S week


11 May 2018

‘Today I am a Sofa’

Becoming a parent means to set yourself on a path of continuous growth and development. You change and go through milestones of your own just like your baby goes through theirs.

10 May 2018

Time For Us

What a ruddy brilliant bank holiday weekend I had with my lovely man and our gorgeous boy, we spent it at home, doing some housey jobs, spending time in the garden, having a few drinks and eating all of the meat - what bank holidays are made for - right? 


9 May 2018

Top 10 tips for busy Mum's!

From teaching cooking classes I know that for most parents, it isn’t an inability to cook, but a lack of time that stops people cooking and gets them reaching for the takeout menu or meal delivery boxes. As a working mum, I know how easy it is to slip into eating rubbish, spending a fortune on ready-made food or eating out just because it is suddenly 7pm, you’ve just got home and everyone is starving. I’m no angel, I know the lure of take out or toast when I’m tired.


8 May 2018

Loving messy life with a toddler

I often feel as though I am just one more dirty diaper, sharp toy under my bare foot, spilled cup of water, whiney “I'm hungry” away from a complete breakdown. Daily. Multiple times a day actually.


4 May 2018

The Grief Mum

My gran was my best friend; I spent nearly every weekend and after
school there. I even went for lunch most days so I could save my
dinner money so I could buy Harry Potter books.


2 May 2018

Making memories. Not photos for social media.


Wish You Were Here!

Hi everyone!

This weeks travel post is something a little different to any of the others I've done, because the destination we traveled to is in England! If you don't fancy heading to the airport and travelling abroad, it can be quite difficult to find something suitable here in the UK. You often end up spending the same amount of money (if not more!) as you'd pay to spend some time in the sun.

I looked through lots of different sites and reviews from parents all over the UK as to which holiday park they would recommend, and a name that kept cropping up was Rockley Park. Rockley Park is a Haven Holidays park in the Poole area of Dorset, I loved Haven the few times I went as a child so I decided to look into it as an option for us. When I found out that Rockley Park had a luxury spa, was right by the beach, kids activities on throughout the entire day, heated indoor AND outdoor pools and modern, stylish caravans I knew this was the place for me! What sold it even more is that it was so much closer to Peppa Pig World than we are at home and I really wanted to take my son there.

After looking through different deals I managed to get an amazingly low price for 4 nights in a Platinum caravan for 2 adults and 2 infants at just £240! This was a promotional offer and at such a low cost we booked straight away. Originally we were due to go in June but as a result of unforeseen circumstances we had to change our stay to the Easter holidays which was disappointing as the weather wasn't great but we still had a lovely time.

In the double room we also had a TV, a good sized mirror,
a wardrobe, drawers, and storage compartments either side and
above the bed   

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