15 May 2018

BAD MOTHER campaign!

Bad Mother is a ten minute short film exploring the HOOD in Motherhood. It’s a story about trust, fuelled by fear. It’s every parent's nightmare. And it's based on a true story.

Who are we? We are Marnie Baxter and Nicola Stuart-Hill - actresses with almost twenty years experience in the business. This film is based on an experience Marnie had with her children. We wrote it, and will also be directing it together.

Bad Mother is the story of Grace, a stressed out mum, who meets another mother, Jenny, on an empty beach. After some time together, Grace leaves her children in Jenny's care to go and buy them all lunch. But whilst she's away, Grace begins to wonder if her children are safe, and if Jenny really is who she says she is.

Bad Mother asks - can we rely on the kindness of strangers in this modern world? And what does make a mother good or bad, can it be that black and white?

We're working in connection with the PregnantThenScrewed movement who help mothers who are discriminated against within the work place.

  • Our fundraising goal: £7,800.
  • This will pay for our cast, crew, equipment, location, catering and accommodation. It will also cover editing, sound design, music ​composition, grading and festival entry fees.
  • 10% of every penny raised will be donated to PregnantThenScrewed.
  • There are lots of great benefits of donating, including BABYSITTING, LUNCHES, SET VISITS and some quirky surprises to be revealed along the way. 

To support this amazing campaign, to watch the campaign video and most importantly to pledge some money, please click here

Instagram: @nicolastuarthill 


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