19 June 2018

For The Love Of Mothers

Mothers deserve some kind of award!
A standing ovation.
Daily massages and foot rubs,
Because they birthed a nation.
Perhaps, breakfast in bed 
But maybe on the weekends.
Cuz during the week they’re up getting the children ready, and tryna make it to work by 9am. 

So sacrificial.
We love those mothers.
And if they had a weekend get away, they’d probably sit around telling stories of their children to each other.

they can never get away.
Their motherly duties continue, even when they vaycay 

Calling to check in or give kisses over the phone. 
Cuz even when she’s away, her presence is needed in the home. 

We give love and praise for all that you do.
And if you’re not a mother,
But carry out motherly duties for others. 
Then hey, we love and thank you too🙏❤

Written by Passion 


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