13 June 2018

Millie’s Beach Hut Review

On Sunday I was lucky enough to experience one of Millie’s beautiful beach huts and I chose to stay in Skye for the day.

As my Mum’s birthday was coming up I decided to pick one for that occasion and my Mum is a HUGE Cath Kidston fan, so it would only be right to pick Syke at Walton on the Naze.

Booking the hut is very easy on the website and you get emails leading up to your stay informing you on everything you need, from where the nearest loo’s are to warning you of any steps you might need to go up! Everything is so well thought out that you don’t really have anything to ask.

Your keys are in a Key Safe box on the side of the hut and you get the access code emailed to you in advance. So, it really does feel as it is your hut for the day and you are trusted 100% to look after everything. Because Millie’s Beach Hut’s trust you so much, you want to respect and look after it even more. And, I am known to do stupid things and with a four year old too, I was slightly paranoid that I don’t go and blow it up!!

Somehow I don’t think I would be invited back again if I did.

As soon as we reached the hut (which is recognisable by the bright colours) we fell in love immediately with it and I was so excited to open the doors. When we found the keys and opened the door, it really is the WOW factor, the hut is simply beautiful and big too!
I quickly took lot’s of photos before anyone touched a single thing and we wanted to make sure we put it all back that way it was too, at the end of the day. In the hut there is everything you need for a brilliant day at the seaside.

Jake had a massive sack full of beach toys and a football inside, so you don’t need to bring any of that (always a bonus as we all know how much we need to bring for one day at the seaside!) He also had books to read, crayons, Paw Patrol cushion and plastic Cath Kidston cups etc to use.

There was enough chairs for six (the max amount) people to sit outside on the balcony or inside. I must admit it might be a bit tight for six adults but still doable as it is big inside. We had three adults and one child, and we had plenty of room.

There is also a table and chairs inside and a day bed which is perfect for Jake having a lay down or us to sit on too. There are so many cushions and a nice thick blanket too, perfect for when Jake was freezing after being in the sea.

The dresser full to the brim with Cath Kidston was heaven for any fan and the colours everything was painted in was a dream. Even all the drawers and cupboards were full of bowls, cups, tea bags…basically all you need! You are told before hand to bring tea towels, bin liners and milk…and that is all you need really!

There is a little gas stove, a bright pink kettle, frying pan and saucepan too. So, we brought along stuff for lunch and hotdogs for Jake. The hut is also near everything you need, so you have the pier so close and food outlets that do chips, burgers, ice creams etc.

There is plenty to do with the seaside on your doorstep and as the hut is one row back you aren’t on the busy sea front which we preferred, and as you are higher up you can enjoy the views. You can really fill your day up by the time you’ve been to the beach, the kids have played, you’ve eaten and then explored the seaside, which is good because you have the hut from 9am to 8pm!!

The hut would also be perfect for a little romantic break away from the kids for you and your partner, as we all know how hard it is to get away from the kids and this would feel like a real break you need. *Hint to Simon!*

It would also be perfect for girly days, birthdays, hen do’s and I kept saying I would love to go there on my own! To have some time to myself and even to write with the lovely sea views to look at. The choices are endless.

The rates are really good too, as peak time is £50 for the day and off peak is £35. When you think what you get inside, how long you have it for and that can be split between a couple of you. Cheaper then hiring a hall etc for a birthday party!

I would highly recommend the beach hut and I can’t wait to go back again to try a different themed one! It was everything and more we wanted from a beach hut and I have always wanted my very own beach hut so this was perfect to pretend for the day. Oh, and my Mum loved her birthday so thank you for making it special.

Find the link to the website here and make sure you give them a follow too, as they really do deserve it.


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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a fab review!! We loved having you ;0)x


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