17 July 2018

TOP OF THE CLASS: Lidl’s ‘Back to School’ range offers a full uniform for £4.50

·         Available in stores from 19th July, the range includes clothing and stationery with prices starting at just 79p

·         Clothing has been independently quality tested meaning parents won’t have to compromise on quality or price[1]


Futurist warns that opportunities for the next generation of innovators are dwindling


6 July 2018


• DW Fitness First has teamed up with the UK’s 4 National Governing Bodies of athletics and running (England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland and Welsh Athletics) to help parents and children keep fit
• Research shows parents don’t have time to exercise because of the responsibility of looking after children
• Three quarters say they can’t exercise with their children because they get too distracted and unruly
• More than 8 out of 10 parents said they lost up to 5 hours per week of exercise after starting a family
• As a result on average parents put on one and a half stone after having children
• Parents want to be active as a family because of the positive effects on children and themselves - better sleep, better behaviour happier and stronger family bonding
• DW Fitness First has devised a new routine that can be fitted around children – even when they are unruly


5 July 2018

TV dietitian Lucy Jones calls families to turn off the TV at Dinnertime

Reclaim dinner time! Families are switching off and turning on the TV

Uncle Ben’s responds to recent research and calls for parents to turn off the TV at dinner time


3 July 2018

The day I met a real life heroine - Marrianne Rooprai


‘It’s not a Competition’

I’ve recently been talking to a couple of new mums, because my boy is a couple of months older than their babies, naturally they were asking about milestones that I have already been through with my boy and they were yet to face. I’ve noticed that they were a little concerned about the time their babies were taken to achieve some of the milestones. As they shared their worries with me, I couldn’t help but feel upset to see those lovely new mums who were doing a brilliant job have been affected by some of the things they were told by others. It’s bad enough that every new parent questions everything they do, often doubting themselves, unsure if what they do is the right thing. It takes time to learn to trust your own self and your inner instincts when you become a parent for the first time.

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