11 October 2018

Living with OCD

I am not quiet when it comes to my battles with mental health but I haven’t really gone into the in’s and out’s of what happens to me on a daily basis.


8 October 2018

Pandora's box


4 October 2018

How Parents Can Stay on Top of their Mental Health by Mind Coach & TV Presenter Anna Williamson



“Time takes care of most things”………a phrase my mother always relies on when the shit really hits the fan. She doesn’t even specify the amount of time required though, and it’s almost 1 whole year since Liam stopped living with me and started living with his Dad. So, maybe, in the next 17 days I’ll feel ok about it all, or, I’ll just feel the same as I do now, utterly at sea, lost in the tidal wave of emotions that this situation has created and wondering if time will ever take care of it like my Mum has promised.

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