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If you would like to write for the Bad Mum magazine, advertise or be featured please contact Sophie Farrow on

I can also be found on the following:

missspecialsoph – Instagram

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Presently, I am accepting submitted articles on “The Real Face of Parenting” from all kinds of writers, bloggers and journalists.

Bad Mum magazine represents warts and all on parenting and covers stories that will make parents sigh a huge sigh of relief, knowing they are not alone as they also do that too.

Bad Mum does not cover or represent perfect parenting that is sugar coated.

I will only publish honestly.

If you would like to accompany your article with your own photography that is absolutely fine.

At the moment there is no word count as I would like the writers to have freedom and the let the magazine grow.

But (why is there always a but…) I am not looking for stories just blog posts or articles please as this is a magazine.

Thank you.  

All rights reserved to Bad Mum. Not permitted to copy or take any content without permission. 

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  1. I would like to have you on my show LIFE FEED with your host Richard Santiago. I will look you up on instagarm. my account is stopthebullying_together website is Great stuff you are doing,


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