How To Write For Bad Mum

Hi Lovely! 

If you want to write for Bad Mum magazine online, it is pretty simple and you are all welcome too.

Simply just email me at with your blog post in Word, and one or two images attached that you have permission to use please. 

The images need to be related to the blog post and I cannot copy and paste from your blog, so please no blog links. 

Can the blog post be around 500 - 600 words please and I cannot accept anything lower then this word count I am afraid. 

The content can honestly be anything you want as I don't just cover parenting material and I am open to any ideas or suggestions you may have too! 

If you want your very own feature that can appear weekly, fortnightly or monthly on the website then just drop me an email with your ideas.

If you have any other questions that I have missed please just shout at me! 

Everyone is welcome, even if you have just started out or never written before but want to give it a go...we all need to start somewhere, let Bad Mum give you the confidence you need. 

Much love x 

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