Meet the Bad Mum team!

I am so pleased to have a great team behind me, supplying you with the most up to date blog posts which cover a whole range of topics.

We have some cool boss ladies that are running parts of the website and we have many authors that put on new blog posts daily, just for you. 

Here is the Bad Mum team...

Yep, well you all know me by now! 

Next is Jennine, my Bad Mum Book Club Boss!

Then we have Rhi who runs the Bad Mum 2B section...she's the boss too! 

Moving on to my Bad Mum Authors and first is Steph! 

Next we have Bina! 

Then we have Emma! 

And, next up is Yvonne! 

Then we have Janet! 

Next is Laura! 

Then we have Susan! 

And, next up is Vee! 

Then we have Jo! 

Last but not least is Michelle! 

Next we have our first Bad Dad Author, Dave! I can't wait to see what the Daddy bloggers bring to the team and see life as a parent from their point of view too. 

Next up is Ben! 

Then, we have Bhavik! 

I am hoping to add some more Dad's to the team, so if you are interested please do get in contact with me. 

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