Bad Mum Magazine.

Bad Mum is an independent indie magazine dedicated to shining a light on a new way of doing things when it comes to parenting and lifestyle magazines.


Everyone has a story, and everyone deserves a right to be heard. This is real life and Bad Mum wants the world to know that we all do it, you are never alone in what you are thinking.

sometimes the truth hurts. 


Bad Mum lives in us ALL.

Bad Mum likes to break the rules, she doesn't like following the pack and stands out as an individual. She is fiercely independent and after becoming a mother found her lioness roar. But do not be fooled as she has walked a well worn out path and each day she puts her children first, all while aching from head to toe desperately needing a well-earned break.  

She is a mother. 


Bad Dad's we didn't forget about you...

A Bad Dad comes in all shapes and sizes, from a stay at home Dad, single parent Dad to Dad's in same-sex relationships. Here at Bad Mum, we love to shout from the rooftops about all the amazing, strong, selfless Dad's that walk around this parenting world being role models to their children and rocks for their partners - it all counts and it doesn't go unnoticed.  

We see you.

Bad Mum Stars we've got your back too...

If you are a carer, grandparent, foster parent, expecting Mummy/Daddy or a shining star who was put here to shine brightly for other reasons then believe me you are more then welcome here at Bad Mum. As Bad Mum magazine isn't just a parenting magazine, it is a life magazine here for you all. 


No one is alone.  

If you can relate and have a story to tell please do get in contact for a chance to appear in the latest issue of Bad Mum magazine.

Our STORY so far...

Bad Mum Magazine was established in 2016 as a parenting platform to share the real bare face of parenting from real parents and has gone on to become what you see today, still keeping the original message at heart. 

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